July 26, 2012

It's OK 7/26 and Thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that I finally got the giant crack in my windshield fixed.  For free.  By the guys who like to hang out at the gas stations on base.

Monday, after many offers of "Can I take a look at that?  It'll only take a minute!", I finally let them fix it.

They seemed so happy to fix it.  Made me feel like I was doing my part and all.

It's okay that the Anchorage Daily News is dumb.

The Anchorage Daily News screwed up their own ad, in their own paper

It's okay that Debra Morgan is my hero.

It's okay that I laughed and cried my way through this.  Really.  Tears of laughter and sadness at the same time.

It's okay that we've all got the same struggles.

I'm starting to depress myself.  Maybe I'll go buy some Oreos.

Perhaps, Jason, perhaps.

Thankfulness today?  Well, let's just say that I'm "thankful" I'm so committed to this link-up at The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargraves because, while I have everything in the world to be thankful for, I'm really working hard at dredging some stuff up this week.*

I'm thankful I've got 2 more weeks to sit here and dread the start of school.  Because I'm thankful I have a job to go to.  I'm thankful that the Turbokick instructors have been letting me lead a bit.  It's like student-teaching and is improving my confidence.  I'm thankful I'm finally seeing some of those awesome "cut" marks on my abs.  Six-pack, I'm coming for you.  I'm thankful that my purse has arrived.  Very speedy, Macy's, very speedy.
Oh, and I'm thankful for ice cream.  I bought some yesterday for the first time in weeks.  I'm not sure how I stayed away from it for so long.

Well, except for the Dairy Queen and Coldstone I had last week.

*If you're new here (Hi!), my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  And I'm bored and lonely in Alaska.


  1. omg girl you have me LAUGHING! this was a funny post! especially the oreos! cause when that happens to me... i feel like crying!

    oh and that girl is AWESOME on White Chicks! LOL

  2. Thank you for making me want oreos at 8 in the morning! :)

  3. Man...losing an oreo in milk is just the worst.

  4. That hilarious/depressing blog post killed me. Love, love, love.

    And yay, Debra Morgan. Can't wait for the new season to start (although I won't lie, I'm a little appalled at the turn the Debra/Dexter storyline took in the finale... it so weirds me out.)

    (And I'm honestly REALLY glad you're linking up every week. I'm praying for these weeks to speed by for you... here's hoping it all gets easier/better very soon!)

  5. True Blood & Dexter references all in one post? You're officially the awesome-st!

    I'm not a big Oreo dunker but it really is a damn shame when one goes down. And...now I really want Oreos.

  6. I love that hyperbole post!
    And dude, I didn't know your hubs was deployed! :(
    I feel your pain! David just got back in March. Alaska is super duper boring!!!!
    And I like you even more now that I know Debra Morgan is your hero.
    She's awesome.
    Also, I hardcore LOL'd about the anchorage ad.
    Silly Alaskans :p

  7. These are my favorite posts of yours. I love reading what people are thankful for - even when it's the littlest things that are aaalllmost gripe worthy, like going back to school or in my case, going to the gym (blerg), but finding the immense good in those things (perspective!).

    Also, I wish I had your discipline to work out - oh, how I would kill to see muscle definition! Alas...

  8. I love this post I know how you feel about the oreos :( You have a lovely blog I'm following xx

  9. I love this post I know how you feel about the oreos :( You have a lovely blog I'm following xx

  10. Aw, you have all of those bright beaming faces to look forward to very soon! I need your workout mentality now! I was running a few miles every other day until my husband and I had to start sharing a car. =(

    Your post has me looking at these cookies n' creme Oreos that I've been avoiding. Now, I'll have to do crunches and mountain climbers during my shows tonight! I'm glad you write this blog, it is quite enjoyable.

    I was going through some things recently and had to make some changes. Something that has been helpful for me is making a 'gratitude' list. Everyday, you write at least one thing you're grateful for.

    You are in my thoughts!

  11. thankful I have a job too but so not ready to go back! I love Debra morgan too and can't wait for that show to be back!

  12. I love, love, love the way you put this together! I like this link up too - I might have to try it:)

  13. Another post incorporating True Blood and Oreos, Kristen. You're awesome! We could be twins.

  14. haha I love your last night. Such a nice introduction. I'm not watching GOT, but are you having trouble getting all of True Blood? Because the last episode I watched 3 times and I am still not sure if I know what it happening. But still, so good.

  15. *line, not night. Have no idea why my fingers wrote night. I need a nap.

  16. And isn't it just the sweetest irony that the mistake in the article is at the part about "excellent spelling" and "grammar skills"?! I laugh hysterically at grammatical irony! :)


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