June 7, 2012

It's Okay...that Alaskans are proud of being poorly dressed...and a few other things.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...
that The Christian Science Monitor just ranked Anchorage as the worst-dressed city in the country.

Better yet, the residents of Anchorage voted on this themselves and, if you read the article, are apparently proud of this...honor.

I admit that I rarely wear heels here.  BUT if the bar for fashion was set at a point where I had to look professional, I darn well would wear my snow boots to school and change into heels once I got there.  However, the bar for fashion in Alaska is dragging on the ground.  

On being ranked the worst-dressed city...

"I think it's a little ridiculous, to be honest," said Hillary Walker, the assistant manager at lulu e. bebe fashion boutique in Anchorage. "I think dressing well is about feeling comfortable, experimenting, expressing yourself through your clothing. I think people in Anchorage do a great job with that."

I honestly don't care what people in Alaska wear.  What I don't like is that they lie about believing everyone here has fashion sense.   Stop lying, Hillary. 

I drove through Mountain View (the worst neighborhood in town) on my way to Costco yesterday.  I wouldn't call what the people, who were all out walking/talking/drug-dealing in the rain, were doing "expressing themselves through their clothing". 

What the heck is "lulu e. bebe" anyway????  I've lived here for 3 years and I've never heard of it.

Also, these silly little overpriced boutiques, as well as the mall, are in downtown Anchorage.  I rarely walk out and about in downtown Anchorage. The homeless people and weirdos scare me away and discourage me from spending any real time downtown.  Maybe the city of Anchorage should do something about that, hmmm?

Alaskans generally like being out in the cold, rain, and snow, the ranking doesn't bother them.

They do wear Crocs and Danskos shamelessly, after all.  But now it's summer.  That means the Birkenstocks with socks come out to play.


It's kind of okay and kind of not okay that I've suddenly decided I want to become a gym instructor.  This requires certifications, training, etc.  And my real job still expects me to work.  Whyyyyyyy?

It's also okay that I've got myself on an 8-workout-a-week schedule.  2 Monday, 1 Tuesday, 2 Wednesday, 1 Thursday, 1 Friday, 1 Saturday.  It'll be interesting to see how long I can keep this up before puking, fainting, or dying.  I survived double-sessions of soccer practice in high school.  So this is a piece of cake. 

It's okay that I think Miley Cyrus being engaged is just weird.  Oh Liam/Gale, open your Australian eyes and look at the bunch of crazy Appalachia [Appa-LATCH-a] rednecks you're about to be related to...


As for Thankful Thursday @The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargraves...

I'm thankful that my body has put up with these crazy workouts.  After years of playing soccer (torture), my quads were shot.  Now, they are stronger than ever.  I'm grateful for that. Actually, my quads are so strong that my jeans are too tight in the legs.  Oh well, must go shopping.

I'm thankful that new opportunities are presenting themselves to me.

And, I suppose, I'm just thankful for the fact that I have the luxury of time to dabble in whatever I see fit this summer.  It's nice.  Plus, time is marching on and R&R fast approaches.


  1. Miley Cyrus is engaged? What? I thought she was like 17... O_o
    Good luck with all your workouts!

  2. I need to get into two-a-days. But that would cut into my cupcake eating time.

    {Sort of.}

  3. That's interesting that they're proud to be the worst dressed! Go you for 2 workouts in a day! I'm totally done after one. Miley being engaged is weird!

  4. Come to Walmarts in Texas...you'll see people who are dressed infinitely worse than anyone in Alaska.

  5. Yahooooo for R&R approaching! I, too, am excited that time is going by quickly and R&R is coming up soon.
    What do you want to be an instructor in?
    I'm hoping my body gets used to these insane workouts I'm doing because right now, my bod ain't having it. Maybe I can trick it?

  6. I usually felt like the prettiest girl in the room when I was out in Alaska. haha When everyone else is in coveralls and flannel, it can be an easy thing to accomplish!

  7. I'm secretly hoping Liam opens his eyes & calls it off, he can do WAY better.

    And yes, it's definitely ok to want to do your hobby full time. You know, if only your real job would continue to pay you even when you dont show up.

  8. Wait, can we talk about the fact that there are homeless in Alaska? What a terrible place to choose to live outside. Monterey homeless, I get. Anchorage? No so much.

  9. DUDE. I remember reading that article about Anchorage being voted worst-dressed, and how proud people are of that fact. And I remember, the only thing that really registered in my brain was..."WTF. Why would you WANT TO BE THE WORST DRESSED!?" I get that sometimes comfort/warmth/practicality wins out over fashion, but...I'm sorry. There are plenty of ways to be comfortable/warm/practical without living in a Grundens hoodie and Xtra Tufs 24/7.


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