June 5, 2012

I'mma be ready

In an age where everyone is cutting back, I completely got a hare-brained idea and went over the top...and I ordered HBO.  Ugh.  I'd say I'm sorry.

But I'm not.

I did clear it with the husband first.

And I will cancel it.

As soon as True Blood is over for the season.

I did some calendaring and realized that by the time Season 5 of True Blood is over, Scott will be almost home.  Niiiiice.  

And then I can order Showtime.

Dexter starts in October.


  1. No shame, we order HBO just for TB too.

  2. I got HBO for the same reason, 4 years ago haha. I swore it was only while True Blood was on but then another round of awesome shows came on & I was like 'screw it, I eat this amount of money in a week or two', so I kept it and even ordered Showtime haha. I gotta be honest, it's totally worth it though!

  3. That's the only reason we have it, too! :)


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