May 20, 2012

Sunday Funnies (Pretty Idiot Edition)

I cannot thank you enough for your sweet and reassuring comments on Friday.  Here's the post I wrote about how I felt my means of coping were being called into question.  I smiled at every comment I read, because you all made me feel like I'm okay.  I'm not perfect.  But I'm okay.  That's what's important.
However, I am also not as bright as you would think.

I made some hot tea at work on Wednesday.  I poured the steaming water from the kettle into my travel mug without really paying attention.  I was busy talking to someone as I went to take a sip.  Instead of just sipping, I suddenly got the notion to gulp it.  The water was so hot that I could feel it scalding the inside of my mouth.  A normal person's reaction would have been to spit it out.  I'm not a normal person.  It was so painful to get it to the point where I could swallow it, that I couldn't imagine forcing this scalding water back out through my lips.  So I swallowed.  And I could feel it scorching my esophagus the whole way to my stomach.  And that was it for my tongue.  I was unable to eat normal food at all on Thursday.  Not being able to eat depresses me.

Consider the lesson learned.  Clearly I'm an example of natural selection hard at work.

Speaking of pretty idiots...

In other news, I watched Water for Elephants yesterday.  I know.  Completely un-Kristin-like.  However, seeing Christoph Waltz just made me want to watch Inglourious Basterds again.  So I pulled that out, watched it, and felt very Kristin-like again.

How can you not love a movie with a tagline like " Nazi occupied France..."???
 Also, I decided awhile back that I am not allowed to buy or eat chips anymore.  It's been about a month and I feel much better.  Now, I must add to the list of foods that I need to cut out of my life:  marshmallows.  They just have to be gone.  I stopped buying graham crackers awhile back, but that has not stopped me from making this and eating it every single day.  Going through a bag of marshmallows and bag of chocolate chips every week is not normal behavior for an adult.

I also gave up candy after the Great Easter Stomachache of 2012.  

Here's to willpower.

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  1. love these! Especially the "i'm sad when the food is gone" one. that's too true!

  2. I'm always sad when the food is gone. LOL!

    Oh, Jason...such a pretty idiot.

  3. Your poor mouth. Ouch! And if I was tiny I'd sleep on a marshmallow too, with a chocolate fudge blanket.

  4. These are so funny. But honestly, I cant believe your friend who said that about living alone? That doesnt even make sense. Im sorry she said that and know that what you are doing is selfless, not in anyway, selfish!

  5. That marshmallow kitty is too cute!!! Sorry about the tea incident... I really hope you feel better soon! Not being able to eat is the worst.

  6. Yikes! Why are you over there torturing your poor esophagus?

    Jason Stackhouse is a really pretty idiot isnt he...I sure as hell wouldnt kick him out of bed for eating crackers. I watched Water for Elephants a few weeks ago & even though it was better than I expected I immediately watched Pineapple Express to wash that movie off my brain haha.

  7. Jason Stackhouse is by far my favorite pretty idiot. Can't wait for the show to return!

    Good luck saying no to marshmallows!


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