May 27, 2012

Sunday Funnies 5/27

Yesterday was our 3-year anniversary.  Props to my  husband.  He sent tulips.  And got us a knife set.  (Apparently a very good knife set.  I don't know.  I just think it sounds all impressive and Germany-like.   If you know anything about knives, let me know what I got here...)

I had to promise not to cut myself.  I can't do that.  But I said I'd try not to cause myself harm.

And then he also sent these.

He went to Pampered Chef's website, by himself, and ordered a stoneware loaf pan, pie plate (for all that chicken pot pie I make), and a pizza stone.  He has wanted a pizza stone for a couple of years because he likes to make naan.  Also, he's taught himself how to bake bread in the last few months.  Hence the loaf pan.  I can't think of a reason why he'd want the pie plate, so I'm guessing that's really all for me.  Iloveyou,darling.

I got him a present too.
I do feel kind of, almost, maybe a little horribly guilty because I didn't get him a real anniversary present.  Though, the knives are really for both of us (so is the chicken).  But he's getting his caribou hunting trip this summer.  And he got his snow machine (or "snowmobile" for you non-Alaskans) and we have that boat from last summer....I take comfort in knowing that most of the stuff he spoils me with is for both of us.  The blender...the Kitchen Aid mixer...the Keurig...Sometimes I feel like we're getting our wedding gifts late.  We moved to Alaska one week after our actual wedding so, while I did register for us, we didn't get a whole lot of usable stuff that we really, really wanted.  We got the necessities needed for kitchen survival and that was it.  We still don't have a bedroom set. 

I apologize.  This is getting babble-y.   

Here's some scenes from my weekend.

I'm guessing that #4 ^ directly relates to #2...ya think?


I could do with a corgi (or two)
Oh, and I feel the need for these.  

Also, because it's funny....

Happy Sunday!  Anything funny to share today??

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  1. haha the warning label one is funny! so is the hashtag thing - i never understand why people do that.

  2. Happy anniversary! Tulips are just so pretty.

  3. eating, watching tv and pinning sounds like a perfect night to me! happy anniversary!!! your flowers are beautiful!

  4. I love the stupid people one. A lot. Although I often wonder if I'm one of them.

    Happy Anniversary! What great gifts. Be reeeeallllly careful with those knives. I don't want to read about you slicing off your index finger. ;)

  5. Those are some great looking knives. I dont know anything about cutlery but I do know when something is pretty :)

    Also, kudos to your hubs on the great Pampered Chef picks. I really want that pie plate.

  6. First, those knives are gorgeous (weird thing to say?). And second, the one about missing the party because of eating and pinning? Hello my life.

  7. SO jealous of that knife set! LUCKY!

    That warning label one is on my funnies for next weekend, So funny and SO true! Haha!

    And the ecard below that one about staying home is totally something I would do.


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