May 31, 2012

It's OK 5/31

This is the "I-should-probably-leave-the-house-and-talk-to-real-people" edition of "It's Ok" Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

So it's OKAY that it's the last day of May.  Welcome, June, welcome!  It may be almost a month away, but this is the month I'll get to see Scott again.

It's totally not okay that my husband called me to say the zombie apocalypse has begun.  

I fell asleep that night thinking that I might need to get a supply bag ready.  Just in case. (via)

It's also okay that I use this blog as a way to talk about the things that cross my mind randomly.  Things that I can't bother the other people I usually talk to with; my mother and my husband being the two people I talk to the most.

For example, I really don't think that my mother, nor my husband, would care about my slightly inappropriate crush on Zac Efron.  Or the one I have on Jon Hamm.  (How I can rationalize my attraction to these two equally is beyond me...)

 I watched Charlie St. Cloud last week.  Is this, like, the Nicholas Sparks book no one told us about??  Because that's how it plays out.  I like the slightly more magical, ghostly element though.  I really had no idea how it was going to end.  I'm pretty dense sometimes.

All I really wanna know is why Zac Efron had to take his shirt off before jumping into the freezing water and where was I when they had the open-call auditions for Tess...

I'm ridiculous because he's younger than me.  Talk about feeling old.

We watched HSM 3 in school a couple months back.
I told the kids, "You KNOW he's as old as me, right??"
I don't think they believed me.  (Keep in mind that I was lying through exaggeration anyway.)
"They're not REALLY in high school."
Blank stares.
"That's not what high school is like!"
Questioning looks.
So when the "kids" in the movie were making life-changing decisions and saying good-bye to each other, I said, "And that's what all ya'll have to look forward to.  Growing up is great!"  
More blank stares.

If you're looking for a phrase to describe me, that'd be "encouraging always".

It's also Thankful Thursday @The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargraves.

I'm so thankful for all of your encouragement on my post yesterdayI'm planning on organizing another "toy drive" in the fall when school starts up again.  If you'd like to get in on it, I can email you an address to ship goods to and more information.  

So, I must say that I'm thankful that my husband called as I was dealing with the giant-ass yard surrounding our house.  This probably deserves a post of its own, but let's just say that it's about 3/4 the size of a football field and we could use a Brush Hog to deal with it properly.  Enter:  me.  I rarely deal well with tasks requiring physical labor and even less so if they take place out of doors.

I couldn't get the weed-eater started.  Scott thinks this should be no problem for me, but I know that no matter how much I work out, I have weak arms.  By the time he called, I had already given up on it.  But then he walked me through it, and it started up for me.  I got the weed-eating done.  So, thankful indeed.

I'm also thankful that I was able to pick this beauty up, bright and early Tuesday morning.  Actually, if we're being honest, I checked at Wal-Mart on Monday night *just in case*.  Someone else was there looking for it too.  So it wasn't just me who was obsessed, bored, and crazy.

Wait.  Unless Alexander Skarsgard is involved.  Then I'm conflicted. I do love me some Eric.


  1. hey i like jon hamm and zac efron equally too. There are worse things to do in the world ;) So glad you get to see hubby this month!! PS - if you want to shoot me an email at explaining the whole comment thing, you would be my hero :)

  2. I seriously could not believe that crazy "zombie" man and it's a tad bit terrifying that he lives in the same state as me! But your pie chart of things to do during the apocalypse was hilarious :)

  3. I LOVE Jon Hamm...and leaving the house is for suckers. Enjoy your summer!

  4. I remember going to see the newest "Hairspray" movie with my sister all the way back in like, 2006 and turning to her to say, "Oh.My.God. That Zac actor is SO HOT" Hahaha!!

  5. So, I've read most of the Sookie Stackhouse books, but when I went to watch the first episode of the first season, it was just a little too... gritty... for me. Should I try again and just power through?? Is it totally worth it?

  6. Bahaha, I actually packed my 'bug-out' bag two nights ago just in case anything zombie like occurs.

    Hell yeah, team Alcide all the way! He's so damn hot.

  7. I could watch Alcide allll day and then some! That's some fine werewolf right there! can't wait for the show to start up again!

  8. I need to get back into True Blood. I stopped after season 2. I love your Thursday posts!

  9. John Hamm, yes. Alcide, omg. Besides Kev, he is my dreamboat. Also, my plans today are: let my mom watch the kids. Read blogs. Get sun.


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