February 28, 2012

May I please tell you about my purse?

To those of you who said, "Sure, please tell us alllll about your purse!"....Thanks!

I bought my Lucky Brand purse in July of 2008 two months after graduating from college.  I had no money and two jobs (a summer camp gig and bartending/waitressing).  It was $178+tax.  Not cheap.

Like all responsible adults, I put it on my credit card.

I've purchased, I think, 4 purses since then.  That's right.  FOUR purses in 3 1/2 years.  That's how much I love my Lucky Brand purse.  It's like Mary Poppins.  Perfect in every way.  No matter what purse I think I'm going to love...I always go back to it.  I've been gifted two purses in the last year and I enjoy them.  And I like my two cheap-ish Target purses.  And my two Fossils that I've spent a reasonable amount of money on?  I like those too.

However, my crazy love for my Lucky Brand bag was solidified when I saw that Debra Morgan had it on Season 5 of Dexter (obsessed much, Kristin?).

My exact reaction:  
(slapping Scott on the shoulder, repeatedly) Oh-my-God-she-has-my-purse-Debra-Morgan-has-my-purse!
Scott:  Huh?
My-purse-she-has-my-purse!  I knew that purse looked good.  It looks even better on T.V. (sits back in the satisfaction of knowing that $178+tax was certainly well-spent)

Scott:  Oh, okay. 


Do you have a purse that you just love?  
A particular style or brand that you just can't get away from?


  1. what a cute purse! I have a lot of cheaper purses that I forget to use. : ) And I love Dexter!

  2. Omigosh. TOO FUNNY. I toooootally would have freaked out like you too :-) I WISH I have only bought 4 purses in the last 3 years. Congrats to you-- glad you found "the one" ;-)

  3. seriously loving the new look!!! and not gonna lie, i love my louis vuitton :)

  4. I have the big longchamp in black and ive been rocking it for 3 years...if I am going somewhere and no diapers are needed, I give my hubby my id and chapstick and dont carrying anything. Hows that for being stuck on one thing?! ha

  5. i love your purse! I want one!!
    And i Love that you watch dexter and that debra morgan has your purse! That's awesome!


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