January 31, 2012

Oh, January..

Kate Middleton and I almost share a birthday.

We're *only* 4 years and ONE day apart.  My claim to fame has arrived.
I've spent my entire life not completely satisfied about the fact that I was born in January.  16 days after Christmas.  The only time worse than that to have a birthday would probably be February.  That's when seasonal depression, I would assume, reaches its peak.

But when I see that others, especially others as accomplished as Kate Middleton, share a birthday at the beginning of the same coldest month of the year?  It makes me feel like maybe it isn't so bad. Growing up, it seemed like all the *cool* people (geez, even my brothers) had summer birthdays, and got to have pool parties and picnics and anything they wanted.  But I'd say there's not many out there cooler than Kate..

If she can deal with it, I can too.  Oh, and the fact that the royals live on a tiny island in one of the most unpleasant climates in Europe is not lost on me.  I also live in a rather unpleasant climate.  Kate and I have a lot in common after all.   I'm half-Welsh too.  And my hair is just like hers...okay, maybe not.  But still, the similarities are endless. 

Just so we're clear:  The reason behind my dislike of January is because my brothers were born in June.  Guess whose parties were routinely canceled because of snowstorms?  Yeah.  Not theirs.
Also, I do enjoy the name January.  Kinda rolls off the tongue.  Much better than Fe-BRU-ary.
And I love January Jones.


  1. Kate Middleton is just so timelessly beautiful hopefully you have that in common with her too :)


  2. that is crazy that you share a birthday with her! hope snowstorms don't get in the way of any more of your birthdays :)

  3. I love Kate Middleton. I wish I could say I had her body. Sigh. ;)

  4. I totally agree. Because my birthday is in February. February 14. Yes. Valentines Day. Which is probably the worst birthday ever. Next to my cousin, who was born on Christmas.(No lie, he and I have the biggest jokes of birthdays ever)

    Right, my point is, I know exactly what you mean. Fun birthdays are May-AugustmaybeSeptember. The rest of us get the dregs of birthdays.


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