January 22, 2012

I should not be allowed...

...to teach anyone how to be responsible.

When it comes to school, I've always been the most responsible student around.  I got a kick out of having everything in order.  Planners, to-do lists, etc. make me happy.  (I'm even thinking about splurging on an Erin Condren.  Anything has to beat the 5 lists of things to do/things to make/reminders that I have taped to the kitchen cupboard.)

These days, I'm also a very organized teacher.  I plan 2-3 weeks ahead.  I do my copying weeks ahead of time.  I keep school textbooks at my house so I can plan ahead when I have "spare" time. 

However, I am, as my husband says, "The worst bill-payer in the entire world".  And, unfortunately, in the adult world, financial affairs are usually what classify you as responsible or irresponsible.  Darn it. 

*A little over a year ago, I missed a credit card payment AND a student loan payment in the SAME month.  I was sick that entire month, so I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that saved me from the wrath of my "bill-paying-spreadsheet-let's-get-a-lower-interest rate" husband. 
 *A few weeks after that, we got a disconnect notice from the electric company.  Turns out, Scott had misplaced/thrown away/lost the electric bill before I even got a chance to screw that one up.  So.  Not my fault.  However, when the story is told, it somehow gets wrapped until in the creditcard/studentloan debacle which, admittedly, was my fault.
*This past October, I forgot to pay the garbage bill.  It was in the pile of "things to do", but we left in a hurry for the east coast that week.  As in, there were still dirty dishes in the sink (See what I mean about responsibility?  Not a whole lot of that happening around here).   That's the kind of hurry we were in.  Thankfully, Scott cleaned up the garbage bill mess for me.
*Then, yesterday, I got a disconnect notice from the cable company.  Apparently I had missed last month's payment?  Well, I maintain that it was mailed while I was in Pennsylvania for Christmas and, while the post office was holding my mail, it got lost in the shuffle.  Once again, not my fault. 

Wow, don't I sound like every other person who shifts blame in America today????

Anyway, no harm done.  Meaning, no late fee.  (However, if there was a late fee, you can bet that I would take responsibility for my actions and not blame the government for not giving me enough welfare money or something.)

I'm really not good at adult responsibilities.  This is why it's ironic that I spend most of my time preaching responsibility. 
Is there anything that you're just really bad at?  I never, in a million years, thought this would be a problem I would have as an adult.  I guess we need to realize that we can't be good at everything!

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  1. You aren't the only one to occasionally miss a bill payment because you forgot. I actually bought a big magnet to hold your mail on the frig. Once I did, I forgot to pay the bills! I was used to see them laying on the counter and that was a great reminder! Out of sight... And since I left for PA for two months, I have been over paying for the just in case because I am not getting my mail!


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