January 16, 2012

Crafts, Cold, Moose, and Ryan Gosling

Mingle 240

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Any Monday that's a holiday is a good Monday!
What were you up to this weekend?  My weekend was blessedly uneventful. 

I got crafty.  If I had enough patience for tutorials, I would tell you that you can buy the hook thingy at Michael's for about $11 and the numbers at the same store for 79 cents a piece.  Paint them.  Hot glue them.  Have your mom mail you the stars from Pennsylvania.  Then you have yourself some wall art. 
That's our anniversary.  Oh, and I now own more of those stars than I do pairs of shoes.

This was the temperature reading on my car.

I caught some moose in the backyard.  Honestly, I care not at all that there are moose in the yard.  This was just an opportunity to use my new 300 mm camera lens.

 Despite what I'm told, I fully believe that a moose would eat a person if given the opportunity.

And...that's about it.

Oh, this website is keeping me amused in the same way Suri's Burn Book keeps me amused.  It's the simple things, people.


  1. Wow! Moose in your yard? How beautiful/scary! Monday Mingle love!

  2. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! -22 degrees? Goodness girl! I was wimping out about 11 on Saturday! I love your craft project! I just checked out Suri's Burn Book...sooo funny!

  3. I just stumbled up on Suri's Burn Book this week! Funny stuff!


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