December 3, 2011

Fellow Bloggers: Please Help

I've taken on too much.  This blog has taken over 90% of my thoughts on most days.  New recipes to make.  Pictures to take.  You get the idea.  I have to admit that it's a very nice distraction with d-ploy---t looming on the much too close horizon.

However, I need help with the following and I would be much obliged if you could offer your advice.

1.  I need a site design.  Desperately.  I've rearranged the desks in my classroom about six times since August, but I've had the same site design since June.  Not acceptable.  Who's good?  Who's affordable?  Who do YOU, the bloggers, recommend?

2.  Is it possible to change the web address of my blog without actually moving the blog's location?  I feel like is confusing, even though it's just my name and that's originally what I started the site under.

3.  Is it possible to begin a new email address and have all of my email automatically forwarded to that new address from my old one?  Clearly I know nothing about technology.  Clearly.

4.  Oh, I need a button too.  Where, who, what do you recommend??

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  1. I do my own blog design. It's really not that hard. Theres a good tut here:

    I also make my own buttons, but I don't have a link to the tut...

  2. I know with gmail you can set-up e-mail forwarding.

    If you look in your blogger dashboard you should be able to see the options to change your URL without disrupting past links.


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