November 25, 2011

Creamy Hot Chocolate

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The best hot chocolate was always the hot chocolate that was served at high school football games.  I'm not sure what they did to it, but it was comforting on cold fall nights when your trumpet was all but freezing to your hands as you sat in the band section.

High school football band participation was probably the last time I voluntarily went out in the cold at night. 

Huh.  Yeah.  I really don't do that anymore.  In fact, I avoid outdoor Alaska at all costs.  Reason #398 why we need to just peace out of this place.

I digress.

While I can't re-create high-school-football-game quality hot chocolate for you, I can give you a near perfect recipe.  I enjoy this as an afternoon pick-me-up quite often.  If you're feeling dangerous, add a splash of Kahlua.  You can't go wrong with Kahlua.  The Hershey's Kiss is what makes it special.  Let it melt together for at least a minute after adding the hot water (or even milk if that's your thing), and then stir.  It gets super creamy and flavorful.

Creamy Hot Chocolate
1 serving

1 packet of your favorite hot chocolate mix or a recipe such as this
1 Hershey's Kiss (flavor of your choice)
1 cup boiling water (or near boiling)
1 drop peppermint extract (or you could use vanilla, orange, almond, etc.)

Put the hot chocolate mix, Hershey's Kiss, extract in a mug.  Add the hot water and stir well. 

Additional toppings:
Whipped cream, marshmallow, caramel topping, peppermint pieces, etc.

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  1. Great idea to add the kiss, not a bad idea to add a little booze too ;p Our hot chocolate at foot ball was like brown water, so bad!

  2. Mmmmm, hot chocolate! Sounds good right about now!

  3. Ooh, they are calling for snow in Colorado on Thursday. My kids will be demanding hot chocolate. They are Texans, any slightly cool weather = hot chocolate weather. And your Alaska comments make me smile, because I would have been saying the exact same thing (at one point, I informed my husband that he could go live with the polar bears on his own and the kids & I would stay in Texas where there's sun and malls and temperatures above zero). ;o)

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Food on!


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