October 1, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

     4.5 hours in the emergency room = cost me half a sick day
     1 shot of penicillin and some steroids = free
     Being told that what is wrong with me is "probably strep" = quite humorous

Friday food consumption:
1 cup chicken broth (for breakfast)
1 popsicle (afternoon snack)
1 chocolate milkshake (post-afternoon snack)
1 cup candy corn (pre-evening snack)
1 scrambled egg
2 pieces toast

I'm pretty sure this is why we don't have kids.  I'm not responsible enough to eat vegetables.

Can you tell I'm sick?

I'm also pretty sure I need this.

For example, right now I'm too lazy to get up and get more candy corn.  Yet...I'm still hungry.  Oh the problems I have. 

4.  I read some articles on "unschooling" today.  I get that parents want their children to explore the world according to their own tastes and pace.  But isn't there something to be said for learning to function in a group setting?  To listening to instructions?  To hearing about the experiences and point of views of others?  To being compassionate for those who are different than you?
Whether I teach for 3 years or 23 years, I'll always be a proponent of public education.

5.  The Arctic Bazaar (i.e. craft show where I can stock up on Christmas ornaments) is today.  It has become a little Alaska fall tradition for Scott and I.  I'm sure he enjoys it every bit as much as I do.  However, I am sick and I don't know if it's worth it this year.  How sad...I guess I'll have to wait until later in the season to get our personalized Christmas ornament.

6.  Scott and I shipped off our wedding rings to have the rhodium refinished and the scratches repaired.  This way we'll have nice shiny rings for our time apart this year.  This means that Scott went to two Army family events this week, without me, and sans wedding ring.  I can just imagine the suspicions that arose, because, as a general rule of thumb, people tend to separate immediately before and immediately after a deployment.  How sad is that?


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