October 5, 2011

Hot Fudge Mocha Milkshakes

We are in desperate need of a new blender.  The contraption that I'm currently using is a Hamilton Beach from Scott's college days.  It barely crushes ice.  I should bury it in the backyard before the ground freezes.  Margaritas take way too long to create in this...thing.

I had a blender once.  My parents bought me a brand new, gorgeous Kitchen Aid for my 21st birthday (how appropriate, mother).  Since I had planned on living at home and taking whatever I could get indefinitely, I started using it there.  The blender my parents owned was roughly 25 years old, yet still worked very well.

Generously, when I moved to Alaska, I left my shiny, new blender with them.  Scott had been on his own for awhile and had the required appliances.  Plus, they probably deserved a thank you for letting me take whatever I could get..even if it wasn't indefinite. 

Now, when I'm shaking a near-smoking, crusty, old blender in an attempt to crush some ice, I regret the decision to leave my Kitchen Aid behind (it would so match my mixer).

However, now I can hold out for that Vitamix.  I hear they're pretty great. 

So a milkshake.  Again with the Kahlua.  I can't help it.  It makes everything taste better.  I think of it a lot like vanilla (which does also have an alcohol content) or instant coffee granules.  It intensifies the flavor of any chocolate it touches.

Hot Fudge Mocha Milkshakes
for each regular-sized shake

1 cup ice cream (coffee-flavored or vanilla)
1 shot Kahlua
1/2-1 cup milk, depending on desired consistency
2-4 T. hot fudge, warmed

Blend the ice cream and milk to make a milkshake that fits your desired consistency.  Then, add the Kahlua and half the hot fudge.  Blend until combined.  Drizzle some hot fudge into your glass before pouring in the shake.  Sip and enjoy!

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