September 6, 2011

A "Summer" Saturday

On September 3rd, we went to the Alaska State Fair.  Now that we've moved to Palmer (Or maybe we live in Wasilla-even our landlord doesn't know which town our house actually resides in--She's quite professional.), the state fair is in our town area. 

My winter hat and all-weather jacket were not enough to keep me warm.  In order to make the $13 per person experience bearable for me, Scott gave me his coat.  Yes.  I was the person walking around in two coats next to person in short sleeves. He's ridiculously kind to me.  If I were him, I'd be rather annoyed at my insistence in dressing like I still live in Pennsylvania, as shorts and flip-flops are standard September-wear there. 

This is what we came home with:

Now.  A snowman made out of a gourd.  Clearly a Christmas decoration.  The weather here is such that I plugged it right into the family room wall and it looks quite at home.

The headband?  Well, clearly I'm obsessed.  The weather is such that I wore it all weekend long, inside and out.


The flowers?  It was our 3-year dating anniversary.  Scott is glad that I have a memory like an elephant. 

I mean, come on.  The proof is on the wall.

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  1. Is that a wall back in Osceola?

    Your mailing address should say what town you live in, I'll ask your mom.

  2. Our mailing address is Palmer. But we live outside of the city limits. I've heard rumors that we are "annexed to" Wasilla. But Wasilla is literally 6 feet down the road if we do live in Palmer. It's a weird set-up. I was used to living in the "suburbs" of Anchorage!


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