August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Why is it so hard to take a picture of your own head?

I saw these adorable headbands last year.  They were worn by everyone.  Everyone but me.  I had to find one.  In July, while I was trolling in the Mat-Su Valley looking for an Army mandatory fun get-up, I found them in a gift shop.  Well, it was July.  No need for such a thing then.  Well, not much of a need anyway.  Last week, one of my students had one on.  Yes, in August.  It wasn't entirely inappropriate for the weather we've been having.

The next day, I went in and snatched one up, in August, because I did not want to risk spending a winter without a trusty "wind-keeper-outer".  It's a necessity in these parts.

2.  On an entirely different and much more serious note...

I would think that how you act in your everyday existence (i.e. your job and daily happenings) would speak more about you than how cute you look when you arrive at church.

I think honesty is more than telling the truth.  Honesty is a way to live your life.

3.  I found $10 in the pocket of my Banana Republic dress yesterday.  I guess expensive clothes really do grow money.

4.  This is getting ridiculous.  My obsession with this satchel, that is.  I must have it.  Lucky Brand.  Macy's.  Fight it out amongst yourselves.  Let me know who the loser winner is and I'll email you my address.

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  1. Found you from Monday Mingle!!

    Love that satchel! I have my own dilemma...I realllly want these $75 Sperry shoes, but that price just sounds ridiculous. Perhaps I'll splurge, we'll see! =)


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