July 7, 2011

Caramel Brownie Ice Cream

Nope.  I don't have an ice cream maker.

Nope.  I will never buy one, or own one unless it is somehow randomly gifted to me.

Yep.  You can make any flavor ice cream you wish without an 18 pound appliance taking up precious kitchen space.

I love loaded ice cream with lots of "schtuff" in it.

It's got to have candy bars, chocolate and caramel swirls, nuts, brownie and cookie chunks, and no fruit in order for me to want to eat it.

I remember eating Galliker's Ice Cream straight out of the half gallon carton while sitting in my grandma's kitchen watching soap operas.

I was 12.

Galliker's knew how to put lots of schtuff in their ice cream.  The brands around here...not so much. 

I was inspired to create this after being terribly disappointed in an ice cream purchase.

I bought some brownie/cookie dough ice cream.  I mean, it had some crazy name, but I don't remember it.  I was utterly disappointed in the amount of schtuff that was found inside.  I didn't even get a brownie in every bite!  Unacceptable, my friends.

I thought, "Well, I could do better than that."

So I did.  I used frozen yogurt.  I've discovered that you can customize this to be any ice cream flavor that you desire.  My favorite flavor for ice cream is that of the "turtle" variety.  Caramel, chocolate, and pecans.

I had no pecans, so they did not make an appearance here.

I baked the brownie from scratch about a week ago and had it stored in the freezer.  It was kind of dry to begin with so it was perfect for this, but I completely recommend using a brownie mix.

(We don't keep brownie mixes in the house anymore.  It takes me approximately 38 seconds to stir together a brownie mix and get it in the oven.  I don't need to eat brownies every night.  And that's what would happen if we kept brownie mixes in the house.) 

You know..maybe I will try this with strawberries...Oh, and shortcake...

Caramel Brownie Ice Cream

One container vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt (1.5 quarts)
1/2 cup caramel sauce or syrup*
1/2 cup hot fudge sauce*
2 cups diced brownies

*I am unflinchingly loyal to Hershey's when it come to ice cream toppings.

Let the ice cream or frozen yogurt soften a bit in a big mixing bowl.

Heat the hot fudge sauce and add it to the bowl.  Add the caramel and fold it all in.  Add the brownie pieces and fold until just incorporated.

Spoon back into the original container and re-freeze for at least 30 minutes.  The longer you leave it in the freezer the more it will get back to its original consistency.

Um...in case you couldn't tell, I didn't wait very long to pull this out of the freezer and dig in.  
I like my ice cream melt-y though.  Seriously, wait at least an hour.  

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  1. Your posts make me laugh. And this sounds delicious! :)

  2. Oi. That's just cruel. I am far too lazy right now to do this and I want it so incredibly bad- it looks magical! thanks so much for sharing it :)

  3. This looks amazing...and so easy! Wish I had some now.

  4. YUM! I love your method for making ice cream. Because I really get tired of lugging around all my super-heavy appliances! Thanks for sharing on Crazy Sweet Tuesday. :)


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