June 21, 2011

Strawberry Sorbet

I bought a giant box of strawberries at Costco again.  I've learned that it's dangerous to buy too much of any one perishable ingredient without having a plan.  That's why I don't buy lettuce anymore.  (seriously, i don't.  we won't eat it.) 

So as I'm standing in Costco, I'm running through my mental Rolodex and wondering if the $8 will prove to be worth it.

Strawberry Shortcakes, smoothies of different varieties, Strawberry Scones, and now Strawberry Sorbet.

That's what I got out of this box.  I feel very accomplished.

Strawberry Sorbet
2 cups of strawberries, roughly chopped

1 container (6 oz.) of strawberry yogurt

2 T. sugar or honey or other sweetener
1 cup of finely diced strawberries (to stir in before freezing)

Combine the 2 cups of strawberries, yogurt, and sweetener in a food processor (a blender would probably work too).  Pulse until it's well-blended and creamy.  
Pour into a freezer-safe container and stir in the finely diced strawberries.
Freeze for at least an hour. 
If freezing for a longer period of time, it's easiest to microwave the sorbet for 30 seconds to a minute to soften it up. 

I'm so messy.  But this was the SECOND time I've used my food processor this week.  I do feel very accomplished. 

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