May 24, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts..."Running"


Does it make you sick to see/hear that word?

It makes me ill. 

I don't like to run.  One might say that it is something I hate.  Right up there with jeans and deployments. 

"But Kristin, you played soccer, like, forever!" 

Yes, yes I did.  That doesn't mean I liked the running part.  When you're a kid, you're more or less in good running shape.  So if you keep playing, you don't really have time to get "out of shape". 

I ran a 7 minute mile in high school.  I don't think Scott believes me on that one.  (He runs something ridiculous, like a 10 minute 2-mile [okay, that could be wrong, so don't quote me]). 

When people say they are going for a run, I want to ask why.  Walks are so much more enjoyable.  Apparently, according to the nutritional/fitness expert who is my husband (they need a sarcasm font here), walking burns fat while running burns carbs.

Um, I want to burn both??

So I'm never sure if I should feel bad that I'm walking instead of running and I'm really not living up to my fitness capability. 

I feel that some bodies were not designed to run and be jostled and I have one of those bodies.  I do have runners' legs, but my lungs were not made for such exertion without sucking the Albuterol out of my expired inhaler. 

I can make it about half a mile these days...s.l.o.w.l.y.

SO!  I have a resolution.  I'm going to break down and buy sneakers that won't kill my feet.  Then I'm going to run.  I'm going to run that loop every darn day until I can go farther and farther. 

Asics??  Adidas??  I don't even know where to start. 
 I've had bad experiences with New Balance and Nike.  (think blisters)

Why are sneakers so expensive???

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