April 12, 2011

Waterproof boots

Let me tell you a story...

about a girl who wears fake Ugg boots (i.e. the JCPenney's version) to go clamming in Clam Gulch, Alaska.

The boots were almost 4 years old last spring and I adored them.  The fact that they were slippery and had no sole whatsoever did not deter me from wearing them mountain climbing.  Both in PA and AK.  (Yes, I know how ridiculous that is.) I did fall an awful lot because of this. 

However, I also yelled at the boots a lot.  Snow, water, and mud literally seeped into the side seams.  I tried to throw them away a couple of times.  But I couldn't get rid of them. What else could I slip on in .5 seconds to take the garbage out or run to the mailbox?

Then came the day of clamming.  I did not enjoy the experience.  It was cold, wet, sandy, and muddy.  It was rainy (are you surprised?) and I was wearing jeans (uncomfortableness to the extreme).  It was a 5-hour car ride into the middle of nowhere.  None of these things made me happy to begin with.  Then, I was just stubborn enough to refuse the ugly, clunky, waterproof fishing boots that were offered to me.

As soon as I stepped onto that sand, I sunk.  My feet were soaked, freezing, and disgusting within a matter of seconds.  My mood spiraled downward from there (can you tell I'm not an outdoorsman?).

I stomped my way (a mile) back to the car where I changed my socks, put on my sneakers, and pouted.  In a fit of what can only be described as rage, I threw the boots into a dumpster at the campground in Clam Gulch, Alaska.

And left them there.

Sometimes I feel bad about it.  But then really, if I had tried to throw them away at home, I'd probably sneak them out of the garbage can before trash day and the vicious cycle would continue.  A clean break was needed.  (Only I would think of old grimy boots as having feelings...)

Sometimes I wish I had a picture to remember them by...

Scott mentioned clamming last weekend.  Apparently there's another trip in our future?? Since I'm getting sick of learning lessons the hard way, I went to Sports Authority and found these stylish rubber WATERPROOF boots for less than $40.00.

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