January 15, 2011

Newbery Books

There's something about books....

...that will make me order from a 4th grade book order when the kids don't want to order anything.

This is the book that  came in the mail yesterday.  I was pretty excited.

The Newbery Medal was awarded this week.  One book was given the Medal and three runners-up are Newbery Honor Books.  For "the most distinguished contribution to children's literature last year".  As I explain it to the children, "Out of allllllll the books that were written in one whole year, only ONE gets this medal.  That means you should read it because it's probably really really good!"

I think I'll be going to buy this year's winners tomorrow or Monday (found here).  A highly aspirational goal that I have set for myself is to read all of the Newbery winners (and the honor books).  I have a lot of them but haven't read them all.  As I said before, my official position is that books for adults are overrated.

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