January 7, 2012

New (and Old) Friends

I apologize in advance if you thought this post was going to about me hanging out with actual people...

This is who I've been spending my nights and weekends with lately.

We've got the old, trusty stand-bys, whom I can count on for hours of suspenseful entertainment.

We've got the only soap opera-ish show you'll EVER catch me watching.  I kind of want to go live in their world for awhile.  Minus the fact that there's no blogs, iPhones, or DVRs in that world.  Maybe I just want the clothes.  Oh, and I kind of want to be Betty Draper.

The newest member of the gang?

Conclusion drawn:  There's a lot to be said for cable T.V.  I don't think I'll ever go back to the networks. 

What else have I been doing with my time??

Well, I really enjoy reading celebrity gossip dating back to the fall of 2005.  As someone who knows absolutely more than necessary about pop culture, it's like a trip down People lane.
Do YOU have favorite T.V. shows that you've become obsessed with?  What are you currently watching?  I'd love some more suggestions.  It's going to be a long winter!

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  1. You know what's sad? I used to have a gazillion shows I'd watch. Now? It's Grey's Anatomy and the Real Housewives (the rest I watch with the husband). I wish I had premium so I could watch True Blood and Dexter. I need to rent season 3 of True Blood soon!

  2. I haven't watched Grey's since maybe the 3rd season. We do not have premium cable ANYTHING. When we netflix a show we really like, we usually just go out and buy the seasons, which is what I've done with the shows I talked about on this post. It usually worth it to us. I have trouble watching the network shows because it seems like new episodes are few and far between and then you're left hanging for 3-4 months every summer. It's safe to say I'm counting the days until the release of True Blood 4 on Dvd!

  3. I desperately want the clothes from Mad Men! The Banana Republic Mad Men line was fantastic! Thanks for visitng my blog through "It's Ok!".

  4. I tried to avoid watching this show because I was afraid to love it & I had so many show I watched already, but then TLC cancelled Kate Plus Eight & Little People: Big World had their season finale & I decided I needed to fill those old slots. lol Over the summer, I started watching Glee on Nextflix instant streaming, & I'm HOOKED. I rewatched the first two seasons over Christmas break.

    I also just LOVE TV way too much. I have a lot of shows I like to watch & I tend to get stressed because I also like sleeping, and I get behind during th week. lol :)


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