November 22, 2010


This past week, I was lucky enough to visit Boston. My elementary school sent 10 teachers there for a conference at MIT called "Learning and the Brain". It was all about how neuroscience affects the way students learn and how we need to understand neuroscience in order to understand the art of teaching and vice-versa. It was a great professional experience, but the REAL fun was getting to see Boston. I finally got to see what I think of as the history capitol of the U.S. (for free!). We walked the Freedom Trail, did a lot of shopping, visited MIT and Harvard, and did a lot of good eating.

The Old State House at night. The Declaration of Independence was first read from THAT balcony and the Boston Massacre occurred on the street below.

Such a welcome sight Dunkin Donuts was.
The new State House
View of the new State House from the Common
Boston Common-so many people were walking through on their way to work or school. I wish I could do that everyday!

Granary Burial Ground
Yes, that is me with Paul Revere's grave-marker. I think that's pretty neat.

The Old State House.

Me in front of the Old State House. Quite near the spot where the Boston Massacre happened. Shiver-inducing.

We got a lot of shopping in at Quincy Market.
Paul Revere's house
A nicely-foliaged tree with a church in the background.

Statue of Paul Revere with the Old North Church in the background.

The Old North Church. The site of "one if by land, two if by sea".
Dumping tea into the Boston Harbor. I REALLY hope you all understand that one...

The Harvard Library. Without my Harvard I.D. card, I couldn't get in :(

I had to make an adjustment to my name tag.

For those of you who have listened to me complain, I had had the same Verizon cell phone for almost 2 and 1/2 years. Far too long. Since I believe that AT&T and the iPhone are the roots of most things evil, I refused to switch my service (Verizon has service in Alaska, but you cannot activate a phone here). I had no choice but to wait until I got to the lower 48 to get a new phone. Therefore, I made it my mission to run into the first Verizon store I saw. And I did.


  1. How fun! I've always wanted to go to Boston. Now looking at your pictures, I feel like I have. :)

  2. Sweet Kristin! Now add this to your resume while it's still fresh and hopefully you'll have a certificate to frame for your "I Love Me" wall too.


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