September 24, 2010

Wild Wind and Tuberculosis

Looks like warm haze in the distance, but really, it's just dirt blowing everywhere.

Today there were 60 mph winds in the valley. Teachers had to assist kids from their cars and buses and assist them to their cars and buses at the end of the day. Outdoor recess was canceled. The dust blowing around was so bad that the air quality was considered poor. Oh, and your car can easily just about blow off the road near the Palmer Hay Flats. It was for all of these reasons that I really just wanted to get home today. I have some sort of cold/throat thing, from a child no doubt, and it's been a long week.

However, I had a PPD test done 2 days ago and had to return to the doctor this afternoon to have it checked. It was the beginning of the "24 hour checking window". I showed up 25 minutes early, really just because I was ready to get home and I honestly assumed I'd be waiting for awhile as a walk-in. However, they got me right in, and the nurse checked it, said it looked good, and was ready to check "negative". Then she checked her watch and said I was too early.
"You're going to have to come back."
"I live 40 minutes away."
"No, you'll have to come back because I can't read the test."
That's what was said.
This is what I heard: "No, you'll have to come back because, really, we expect your arm to burst into a flaming, hazardous ball of tuberculosis any second now. And, really, I can't tell you what will happen at that point. I do not see any possibly negative results. I see the great potential for TB."
So I think I literally huffed out of there. I sat in the car, just hoping a telephone pole wouldn't fall on me, and read. For lack of nothing better to do, I read Loser by Jerry Spinelli. Apparently it's a good one for 4th grade. I can't decide, so I'm previewing it. I never did like Maniac Magee, so we'll see.
I should add that this whole TB situation was caused by the fact that the hospital on base refuses to schedule appointments after 3:15 in the afternoon OR on the weekends. How convenient for the thousands of family members stationed here. A lot of good my "free" insurance does me when I have to pay out of pocket for a physical elsewhere.

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