August 1, 2010

Arctic Thunder 2010

As another July comes to a close, I realize that I'm missing something this year. Hmmm...could it be the Clearfield County Fair? Yes, unfortunately I won't be paying the $6 admission (is that still what it is?), but I also won't get my choice of fair food. That's something I do miss here in Alaska. However, I did get to go to Arctic Thunder 2010 this weekend. It's an annual air show on Fort Richardson/Elmendorf Air Force Base. And it's not your average air show. The demonstrations that I saw were mostly done by fighter jets (I WILL remember ear plugs next year.), but the headliners were the Blue Angels. I didn't have my camera on me, but I found some pictures online of how the Blue Angels perform. These are some of the things I saw. Now I can say I saw the Blue Angels, so that's one more point for Alaska!

This last week was a sad one. One of the large planes practicing for the air show crashed. Four airmen were killed and it was definitely a dark day in Anchorage. I've never been a fan of aircraft in general. Standing in a Chinook helicopter today for 10 minutes was about enough for me. Walking into the the kind of planes Scott jumps out of made me feel very claustrophobic, even though the planes were huge. I give all of our Airborne soldiers so much credit for what they do. I've definitely come to appreciate what our soldiers and airmen do for all of us, on a daily basis, even more.

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