April 29, 2024

Unpopular opinions #958

I wish I'd actually kept track of how many of these I've written. Maybe it's like 9 or 10 by now. Who knows?

Let's start off with a good one: Long hair is not a personality trait. I don't know how women, especially moms, spend all their time flipping their long hair about. Like, doesn't it bother you? Shoulder length is fine, ladies. There's nothing you can't do with mid-back hair that you can't also do with shoulder length.

I bought a (cheaper) waterpik because my dentist insisted for the third visit in a row. I hate it. It is awful. There is no reason why anyone should have to use a waterpik, ever. I will never actually use it regularly and I keep thinking that if I slip and miss, I will lose an eye. 

Kids should not be allowed to chew gum. It ruins their teeth. This is 100% my most unpopular opinion these days. Wells keeps saving all of his gum until he's "six". Benchmark is about to move to "seven". 

Hey Dudes are the actual worst. You will never convince me that these are worth $60+. Crocs, Hey Dudes, Danskos.....my list of ugliest shoes in the world continues to expand. I know when you look at the Hey Dudes site, they don't look *that* bad and, hey, they'd be great for a weekend at the lake (per the pictures). But there is SOMETHING about grown adults wearing them in professional settings that makes me think our civilization is coming to an end. Like, this is it. We're done. There's nowhere left to go. 

Spirit weeks at school are not really spirit weeks when they come once a month. Back in the day, we'd have one spirit week for Red Ribbon Week in October and everyone would get really into it and it would culminate in Halloween. Then, we'd have maybe one more for the week before state testing, just to do something fun. Now, it's every week before a holiday break, the whole month of December, the whole month of May, and a few days in between. I cannot keep up so I stopped trying. It literally doesn't matter, it doesn't make me a better person to participate, and you'll never convince me otherwise. 

Make me feel better about being so picky about things. Give me an unpopular opinion. 

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