January 3, 2024

HNY + Currently...

First: Happy New Year! 2024 marks 294 years of blogging for me and I can't believe I'm still tinkering away at this. 

*Actually, it's 14, not 294. I started reading blogs in the winter of 2010 and then started one myself to share about our military life. 

I plan(ned) to share about our Christmas(es) this week and I rounded out my book posts for 2023. 

Linking up with currently for today and also adding in a few of my own prompts.

loving- We got this sliding board you set up on a couch, or low piece of furniture. Both kids love it. Right now, it's on our coffee table. 

looking forward to- the possibility of some snow days. Remember: Missouri doesn't get a snow day. They usually do two or three in a row because they don't have the equipment to maintain the roads properly. 

resolving- to get rid of these coats. Will ship! 

This is an Abercrombie, size small. It fits bigger than a small but I probably need a medium post-Sutton. I only wore it maybe 20 times. Asking $65 including shipping. It's navy and hits mid-thigh (I'm 5'6").

This is Northface. Navy, size medium but I think it runs small. The shoulders are too tight so I never wear it anymore. It's 2-3 years old and I only wore it that first year I had it. Same length as the first. $65 including shipping. 

Love them both but they don't fit anymore in the shoulders post-Sutton. Sigh. 

staying cozy- I have to say, I kind of love it when it's cold outside. While my other coats don't fit, this one from Eddie Bauer has never let me down. One of the best things I've ever bought. I got a medium in white, 10+ years ago and I still wear it every winter. 

cooking- I made this chicken in the air fryer last week and it's a great recipe/method. Easy and tasty.

listening- Highly recommend this podcast. There's no huge production value or "full body chills" but they really know what they're doing. I've found that I like the true crime podcasts that are done by experts, not armchair detectives or wannabe influencers. The Jodi Huisentruit episodes were fascinating because I knew very little about that case. 

eating- At the kids' table. Well, not really. When there's a one year old involved (especially that one there in the bow), no parents are eating and I don't think she did either. 

reading- time to start those Bible reading plans! We'll see if I make it to the end of January this year. I posted the pluses and minuses of some that I've tried in the last few years on Instagram. 

watching- Jack Reacher season 2. And then I started Jack Ryan season 1. I've never seen it and Scott swears it's better than Reacher but I always just seen John Krasinski as Jim. Giving it a try though. 

seeing- somewhat finished concrete counters. One half of the kitchen is done but now we're doing the other side (staining and sealing). 

Scott said when he pulled up the (ungrouted!) tiles they had used to make the previous countertop, there was a layer of wet and mold underneath. This house is, truly, the gift that keeps giving. This picture is from right after we moved in: 

noticing- that I don't know how much I actually like this bag but I use it ALL THE TIME. It's the #1 throw-everything-in kind of bag that I own. I got it on major sale a few years ago. It's too big to be a purse and too small to be convenient if I have a lot to carry but I find myself reaching for it all the time. Again though, I don't LOVE it. But I stuff everything in it to haul from place to place and regularly lose things in it because it's so big (but not big *enough* if that makes any sense at all). Mine, because it was the sale of a particular color, did not have a cross-body strap or even hooks for a strap, which would make a huge difference, I think. 

I also grabbed this bag during a Black Friday sale and it is super high quality. Absolutely recommend if you're in need of a cross-body or sling (I refuse to call it a belt bag because I do not wear it as a belt, thankyouverymuch. I also do not wear it in the car like it's some kind of military gear.). I just stuffed it in my tote as a way to stay more organized because, again, I don't love this tote and hate being attached to it. It was more to carry around diapers, hats, snacks and, as you can see, some medicine. 
Wells and Sutton have both had colds and I've had sinus issues for weeks now. 
'Tis the season.

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