January 8, 2024

Amazon lately...

 Toiletry bag. This bag is perfect. I needed something new for traveling in December and this held everything. Items were also slightly organized and visible so there was little to no rustling around for things. I didn't hang it up anywhere but would just open it flat. 

Waterworks bath toy. Bath toys drive me insane and they're constant clutter. (Clutter drives me insane.)
This is one toy that keeps her busy and it sticks to the tub. Definitely worth the $10. 

Kids' camera. We got this camera for Wells for Christmas at the last minute. His cousin got one and he loved it so Scott ordered it and put it in his stocking for when we got back to Missouri. It has video games on it and is very user-friendly and works well. It charges instead of using batteries so it's pretty convenient. It's kind of nice how, with even a 5 year old, you can just hand a kid something like this and they will figure out how to work it on their own. 

Dyson cordless battery replacement. Bookmark this! If you have a Dyson stick, this is the battery replacement. Our battery started dying quickly after about 2.5 years (we got it in June 2021) so this is the replacement we just got last month. 

Crockpot. I didn't want a new crockpot but the stoneware on our old one cracked and Scott noticed it wasn't working well in general after he took it to a potluck. He ordered this one. I've only used it twice this month but it works really well. 

Well, I feel like it was a light ordering month because I was gone for two weeks but, honestly, I've just been ordering things from other places maybe? Still feeling like Walmart is getting all of our money with the prices of groceries, you know?
(I sound like an old woman.)

I do want to report back on a few things I got for Christmas. The slippers and the earrings are perfect. Highly recommend both! 
And the camo bag from LL Bean is everything I've been needing so I highly recommend that too if you have a bunch of stuff to schlep around. 

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