January 26, 2024

Friday things (on a Friday!), 1/26


1. This time the ice was on the outside of the window. And we had two more snow days this week. This takes us up to 6 days off (plus MLK day) since January 9th. I wasn't too heartbroken about being off this week: I was sick all weekend and wanted to recover more before going back and I was supposed to have a training on Tuesday and didn't feel like dealing with the sub thing. I will say that all it took to get school canceled on Tuesday was me sitting down and spending 30 minutes writing sub plans.

2. I baked another cake over the weekend. The frosting was perfect this time. The cake was okay. I used half funfetti, half my go-to chocolate recipe. 
I need a good YELLOW cake recipe for Sutton's birthday. Any to share? I find so many of them dry out. 

3. That said, I was thinking about Sutton's birthday She is one of those insanely lucky people who will most likely get a spring break birthday every year. She is super into sharks (like cartoon sharks..baby shark...etc) and also super into Daniel Tiger. Do I lean more into one of the themes? What do you think? This might be my only chance to get a Daniel theme, ever. I love Daniel Tiger. 
In my recent Google search for Daniel Tiger+birthday, I came across this reddit thread and LOLOL.  
"We all know how terrible Daniel is at carrying cakes." 

4. Has anyone tried EveryPlate? Dinnerly? HelloFresh? Gobble? I was influenced by an Instagram ad to set up an account and place an order for one. I'm so mentally worn down when it comes to dinner. Not that I hate making it; I hate planning for it. Is a meal kit the answer for a few weeks? It is worth it? Cost-wise, it just might be. There is no physical way we could spend more on groceries at this point in time by buying a meal delivery service. Just wondering if they're any good. 

5. I've decided the perfect way to spend the time on Monday nights is watching The Bachelor. I like Joey. What do you think? 

6. Looking for a new TV show to watch and googling reviews, we came across Snowfall. It's from FX. It's interesting. Watched a few episodes. Scott told me about a show he watched over Christmas on his own and I started that the other night. The Lioness. Very good. I like these military-adjacent shows because he can tell me what's real and what's fake and what's exaggerated.  

7. I have large plans this weekend: I am going to attempt Hobby Lobby and then TJ Maxx. 

8. Let's have some fun and check out the library holds:

I am number 6 on 0 copies, so I'm interested to see what happens here.

Placed on hold in October. Should be reading it by next Halloween, fingers crossed. 

9. Okay, I did make this last night. Chicken Pot Pie seems to be the one dish I will always make. 


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