December 19, 2023

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As always, linking up 2 weeks late


My favorite podcast does lives almost every week. They send out a link to patrons and we can all watch and talk together on Youtube while they record. Like, *who else* does that? Brett and Alice are so incredibly real. I usually just watch the replays but I watch/listen to almost every episode this way, weeks before they're actually released. 


I recommended all of these beauty products last week. Also, I thoroughly recommend Costco hoodies if you need a gift for a friend. I saw a "hoodie dress" on the site yesterday: who in the world wouldn't want a hoodie dress??? I'd wear this thing every day. Just when you thought the perfect clothing item didn't exist. 


Everything has been wrapped for weeks now, thank goodness. I was influenced into buying this bath toy for Sutton and I wrapped that most recently. I'm doing a ton less gifts this year but I feel like she'd get so much enjoyment out of it. Bath toys get so germy and gross so quickly. 

We're doing one of those years of three Christmases which I swore I'd never do again but the military life and the fact that I want my kids to remember Christmas interferes again :) Someone posted on Twitter the other day that you should purposely move close to family after you have kids. Well, I need to stop following these Christian homemaking types because, holy cow, must be nice to spout off such statements without even thinking. They are the same ones who say anyone can homeschool if you change your lifestyle and do without so I shouldn't be surprised. Sorry, we like having more than one vehicle (it's true that the first piece of advice these types tend to give out is to become a one car family).


...Wells can stay healthy. And that Sutton doesn't get whatever he keeps kicking around. We've been to the doctor twice in the last two weeks and I actually considered another trip last week but I had the school nurse take a look at him instead. 


Pennsylvania? Because I made the trek back with two kids. So "attending" might be the word of the month for December. It's easier to hunker down at home and do nothing but that does not always for an enjoyable Christmas make. 

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