September 23, 2023

I didn't even have a cup this week

I had this thought during toddler wake-up number 7 on Thursday night: You can't pour from an empty cup, true, but literally at that moment I didn't even feel like I had a cup. 

My allergies settled in my throat and I lost my voice this week. 

Sutton has been more "Sutton" than usual. Demanding, clingy, obviously teething.

Jett was sick over the weekend and I spent $400 at the vet on Tuesday. Took two kids with me. Had to leave work early. That was just as seamless as you'd think. Definitely no tears, throwing oneself on the floor, or screaming in my ear while I tried to speak to other adults. Now we have a follow-up next week and, who knows, we might get referred to Columbia or St. Louis for surgery (which sounds expensive right).

Parenting Wells is like negotiating with a terrorist...I said what I said. I told him he had to write his name with lowercase letters, per the paper that came home that said "Redo", and not like WELLS. He asked why. The willful disobedience made it so it took 3 tries (at 8pm, when I got around to emptying his backpack). 

At least he understands math. 

I've paid babysitters this week just so I don't have to haul them everywhere with me. I had two things where kids were welcomed but I would prefer not to take them.

Scott has been away.

The light bulb in the refrigerator burnt out, which is the most inconvenient thing of all. It can't be replaced until Scott gets out a special tool (a "nut" "driver") to remove the case, pull out the bulb, look at the bulb, and order a new one. 

Sutton had her 18 month appointment Thursday, which was just as much fun as it sounds. My children do not do well at doctors' offices. I was slightly surprised they didn't have a team of people on hand, after the last go-around with Wells getting his 5 year shots (There was hiding behind a chair...I had to hold him down, I think. I've honestly blocked a lot of this experience out.)

This time, he didn't want to hear Sutton cry so he....hid behind a chair again. The way a dog might at a vet, you know? Sutton, meanwhile, got one shot and flipped her lid (pre-shot) in such a way that the doctor said "I have no idea what her heart sounds like and that's going to have to be okay right now". Indeed, she would not let this doctor near her. 

We ran out of milk Thursday morning and I can't fathom the idea of taking these two into a grocery store post-4pm. So Walmart pick-up order it was. I have been apprehensive to use pick-up in the last few weeks because a couple of weeks ago, they forgot 3 of my items and I spent my weekend trying to get a refund for them, only to also have to go back to the store and buy them. They don't do refunds on the app anymore. You have to call "customer" "service". Luckily, we live in the sticks, so the actual Walmart helped me out. But I still had to go back to the store. 

Unfortunately, my order was delayed for the 4th time in two months and I was already in town and I was. not. waiting. around only to, likely, have them mess it up again. Because that's what happens when I do pick-ups during busy times. 

I canceled the order from the parking lot at the doctor's office and then went to Dollar General for milk and called it a night. 

In addition to the $$$ at the vet, Scott thought now might be the time to buy dog beds again. Each and every one we've tried in the last 10 years has been systematically shredded and destroyed. Scott bought indestructible ones (again, sounds expensive. just a guess though). 

The best part of the week was undoubtedly Thursday into Friday, in which Sutton was awake all night for the second night in a row. I managed to power through that first day (Thursday), but I also took some cold medicine on Thursday night for my sinuses and I think it hit me wrong. I was a mess on Friday morning. I took the kids to school, asked for a sub, and then went home. I even left my computer at school and didn't return to my classroom when I picked the kids up at the end of the day. I purposely had Wells meet me at the daycare so I didn't have to go into the physical school building. 

I believe this, honestly, was my body just starting to shut down after an awful week. It's the age-old "If you don't make time to rest, your body will do it for you". It's not that I don't take time to r-e-s-t. It's that 14 hours of my day, if I'm lucky, are spent surrounded by children. That leaves 10 hours for non-children + sleeping. I could've dealt with another day of not having a great projecting voice, or a day of sinus pressure, or a day of slight nausea from being tired+sinuses. However, I noticed some actual waves of anxiety rippling through my body and that was kind of it for me. White flag waved. Anxiety is a tricky subject to talk about and to deal with, but I spend my morning trying home remedies, attempting a nap, went back to get them at the school (we get out early on Fridays for PD), and then was able to nap again when Sutton napped in her crib. 

Wells enjoyed his afternoon and evening of Youtube, let me tell you. And then, miracle of miracles, Sutton slept for 12 hours. 


Just thought I'd let you know what I'd been up to all week. Hopefully actual "content" will be "created" soon. 

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