September 15, 2023

Friday thing. 9/15

I have been so (so) terrible about taking pictures this week. Like, you have no idea. Unless you want to see a few random classroom photos, this is all I've got ^^^

Tuesday was our anniversary and I thought (thought) it'd be nice to go out to eat, simply because I had a chiropractor appointment anyway and then I wouldn't have to cook. So I was filled with hope as we met Scott at the local (only) Thai restaurant that is very (very) good. We hadn't been there since I was about 8ish months pregnant with Sutton. 

Well, she terrorized the place. Between the yelling and the clinging and just generally being a one year old, it wasn't a great experience. 
Wells asked the waitress for a beer.
When she laughed, he changed his mind and asked for wine. 

I think we'll go back in another 18 months. 

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