April 12, 2023

Springtime Airing of Grievances.

 I used to do these posts like once a month but, as of late, I have some things I've been trying not to complain about in my effort to be a decent person. Oh well. 

1. Velveeta Mac and Cheese is terrible. I could barely choke it down. I let both kids eat some, Scott ate some, then I threw away the leftovers. Usually I'll stretch a box for lunch leftovers the next day. Not this time. 

I always have a box of mac and cheese around just in case. I prefer the taste of Annie's but Walmart was completely out of the "dinner-sized" boxes the other day. 

This is not the same. Do not buy it. It is awful. 

2. I got blocked on Twitter by someone who believes that everyone should wear a mask to keep her safe. That's a Tuesday well spent. 

3. The snacks at soccer. I can't handle it. These children do not need to eat mid soccer practice. Or mid-game. The games are only 20 minutes long! 

4. I made this chicken soup/stew the other day. Terrible. I followed the recipe. But I got the feeling toward the end that it just wasn't going to work. 

Alright that was the warm-up to the big grievance...

5. I signed Sutton up for swimming lessons at the local indoor pool in February. For babies, they only did private lessons. Okay. I paid for 4 lessons in advance. Went to the first lesson. The instructor was a high school kid and he was actually really good at it. He was personable and friendly. He told me I could bring Wells, even, to the next lesson so he could try out the pool too. Great. I opted, over the next week, not to bother with adding in Wells because it seemed like a lot to put on myself (we'll just try again at the regular pool this summer :). I showed up for the next week's lesson and the instructor was a high school girl. I never did learn her name. She spoke only when spoken to, she gave no instruction or information, and I basically just carried a screaming Sutton around the pool for 30 minutes by myself. 

The next week, I went to the lesson and no one was there. No one. No instructor. 

I called the number posted on the office door. Voicemail box was full. I called the number listed on the website. It rang and rang in the locked office (I could hear it). I left a dutiful message explaining who I was and why I was there and to please call me back. 

For the next FIVE days, I stopped at the pool office after dropping Wells off at preschool. No one was ever there. The office, according to their own signage was supposed to be open from 8:30am-12pm on MWF at the least. 

Finally, I caught someone there 6 days after the missed lesson. She apologized. Said she'd been sick and her instructors must not have shown up last week. She rescheduled me for the very next day. Showed up with Sutton the very next day. 

No instructor. 

I called. I left the same message again. 

For the next FOUR days, I stopped in after dropping Wells at preschool. Eventually, I caught her again. She apologized. Said "those high school kids don't want to work" and rescheduled me for the next day and would do the lesson herself. 

I showed up at the appointed time. No one was there. 

I called. I left the same message again. 

Then, I drove over to City Hall. The indoor pool is managed by City Hall so I spoke to the women there at the desk. They called someone who called someone who said "she's on her way". 

This woman then showed up at the pool and I met her there and we did Sutton's 3rd (out of 4) swimming lesson. Her 4th lesson was going to be the very next day, just to get it out of the way since we were like 6 1/2 weeks into a 4 week commitment here. 

I got a text the next morning saying there was an event this woman had to attend/work at the community center and could we do it next Friday? (Good Friday). 




At least now I knew she had my number and was able to use a phone. 

So on Good Friday, I showed up. With Sutton. With Wells and his bag of Legos to keep him busy. At a 9:40am swimming lesson. 

No instructor. 

This time, I texted her. 


Maybe she doesn't know how to use a phone after all?

Then, I packed everyone up and drove back to City Hall. 

This time I was able to talk to the guy in charge ("Mark") and I explained and he had me write down my address and what they owed me and said he'd write the check to mail me as a refund. 

And that was the end of that. 

Still waiting to see if I get the check in the mail. 

I seriously thought the experience with Wells (who takes to water like a cat might) at The Goldfish Swim School in Peters Township, Pennsylvania had taken me to the brink of sanity. 

This was worse. 

What about you? Any grievances to share lately? 

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