April 11, 2023

Easter Weekend 2023

This was a 4-day weekend and felt longer than that, to be honest. Thursday felt like Friday, Friday felt like Saturday, Saturday felt like Sunday, Sunday felt like Sunday, and now it's Monday and Wells keeps asking why he's at home because it's "Music Monday!" (at school). *

*Actually now it's Tuesday because I got distracted yesterday.

Let's do a good old-fashioned recap...

Starting with Thursday...

I took Sutton with me to the rheumatologist and that went about as well as you'd think. 

But I've had this referral appointment since last July, because apparently this is Canada or something, so the toddler-baby came along. 
That was enough activity (it was an hour's drive each way) for an entire week.

Friday, I attempted to take Sutton to her last swimming lesson that been rescheduled multiple times (more on this later...we're due for a Grievances post, yes?). Wells had to come along. I have discovered that a ziploc bag of Legos will keep him busy in any situation. 
Spoiler: there was no lesson and we had to make a trip to City Hall to ask for our money back instead :)

So I took them both to Walmart.

Then, I got a wild hair to continue my painting of the living room/front room. 

I'm also looking for a nice white for Sutton's room, and probably eventually Wells' room (I just notice color more in her room because she has an extra window and gets all the light.)

I had hopes for these, but no. Too close to the weird builder-grade color that's already in there.

Saturday morning Wells had a soccer game at 8am. Scott learned a hard lesson: don't offer to take him to a cold 8am soccer game unless you actually want to do it. 

Cheetos at 8:15am because that's what the snack was on this day and I have thoughts. Like, why? WHY?
Scott said I forgot to send gloves (okay, fine, I did) and he was getting side-eyes from the other parents and, well, I have some thoughts for the other parents too based on the snack choice, you know? 

Then I took both of them to an Easter egg hunt:

Then I took BOTH shopping with me and I really wanted a sweet tea but, unfortunately CFA was 3 hours in the other direction. 

 We were supposed to go over to a friend's house for dinner and I phoned in dessert because holy cow...

She and Wells had fun. 

Watching a baby lamb have "surgery"(abscess removed)...hanging onto the Karelian bear dog. (guys, I can't make this up...we were in Alaska with these friends 10 years ago when they got this dog as a puppy...she ran around in our "no pets" rental more than once)

Trying steps:

Looking at all of the animals...

Onto Easter:

I joke with Scott (he doesn't think it's funny) that he gets one cooked breakfast a quarter. This was just cinnamon rolls, sausage, and eggs...but for real: once a quarter. I'm not a breakfast-maker. 

We still had Monday off after this. Scott did a lot of exterior work on the house, started the gardens, Wells had soccer, I don't even know what I did but Sutton threw up all over me at 9pm on Monday night so it wasn't an ideal end to a long weekend. 

Mimosas in red wine glasses sums up how scattered I feel trying to head into a short but packed week. 
I am 99.9% sure we have an Easter egg hunt this(!) afternoon. 

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