March 3, 2023

{Currently} in March.

Loving. That it's been decent being-outside-weather this week. 


And not today of course because it's been raining for 16 hours straight and is set to continue.

Starting. To implement some new habits for Lent. Let me explain, I guess.
Adding in: 
The Quiet Time Companion Bible reading plan. I find that The Bible Recap doesn't do it for me..I get more facts and less opinion out of my John MacArthur study Bible and a simple list of what to read. 
Pilates. There is nothing that works better. Post-partum fitness round-up coming soon.
30 grams of protein for breakfast. Believe it or not, I'm more likely to do Bible reading and Pilates before breakfast than I am to add 30 grams of protein to breakfast. I just can't do breakfast most days. This is the one I'm struggling with most. Theoretically, it's not hard because I could just make a smoothie. 

Also, giving up: 
Complicating dinnertime. This would take more explanation but I'm really trying to make life easier on myself right now and not harder. 
Twitter. Okay, well, I took Twitter off my phone. It's actually made a big difference. Now I just find myself doing a scroll through once a day or so on the iPad or laptop. And I do try to stay off of it altogether on Saturdays and Sundays because nothing productive happens in the news cycle on weekends. 
True crime podcasts and  their corresponding Facebook groups. This one is complicated. First, TC is a depressing hobby. Second, no amount of anything can make me care about every facet of the Murdaugh trial. Third, I feel like I'm getting shallow dives and opinions from some sources and unnecessary story-telling from others when it comes to cases. 
My exception to this rule is The Prosecutors, of course. I jump on their live show on Youtube just about every week (cringe, right?). They are so smart and interesting and I love that they give "most likely" scenarios and not just random speculation and anecdotes.
 (An example of this is Crime Weekly's current series on Jennifer Kesse: I know the case/facts pretty well but I don't care what Crime Weekly has to say. And I certainly don't need the stage set by explaining to me what is in Florida.)

(I felt this way about Kathleen Peterson too. No amount of anything could make me really care about that case. And, obviously, it was an owl attack anyway.)

ANYWAY. That all falls into a specific sub-genre of interest so I get it if it doesn't make sense to you lol. 

Finishing. Some product empties to share here!

My favorite serum is the Beauty Counter vitamin C one. It's $$$ so I bought some smaller sizes that were on sale around Christmas. I use it almost every morning. 

This cleanser is a favorite for sure. Again, smaller size but it lasted for about 3+ months with almost daily use. My favorite thing about Beauty Counter is that you don't need to use a lot of the product to feel the results from it. 

And then I tried a new body wash. I guess this is technically for men? It's the one that smelled the best when I was trying to decide which one to get at Walmart. I generally like Native products. It's not the *best* on the EWG scale but certainly not the worst. 

Trying. To find formal wear. We have a formal event in less than two months and I'm at a loss. The last time we had one of these, I ordered from Rent the Runway. It seems silly to pay $100 to rent a dress when I can just buy one for $50-100 though. I initially grabbed one from Amazon and it wasn't terrible but I feel I could do better. Then I got one from Nordstrom and it was fine but the fit was off. A bigger or smaller size wouldn't help, and they only have the one size available anyway. 

FUN FACT: they never tell you that your ribs will never actually go back together after you have a baby :) You can lose all the weight and tone up all you want. Ribs don't tone. 

My biggest requirement is that it not be floor length. I don't feel like myself in a floor-length dress, I guess. I like patterns and interesting necklines too. I don't like for it to be "basic". This one has an open back but I'm willing to try it. 

Also trying to resist buying things like this:

Something about living in southern Missouri and having a baby girl? I don't know. Every day is a battle.

Going. To pick up our medical records from the hospital. Seriously cannot unrecommend the Ft. Leonard-Wood hospital enough. 

Mask picture for posterity! Because they are still required in the hospital on the army base :) 
March 1st was actually a great day to do this because Sutton was born last March and this is, thank goodness, closing a chapter. 

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