March 6, 2023

Amazon Lately...

Scott is currently rebuilding half of our house, inside and out, so the delivery drivers have been here multiple times a day and I can imagine that others probably don't live this way? Maybe? 

Anyway. Here's what I bought recently that may be of interest to the general population...

Birthday cake topper. 

New pizza pans. (technically Scott bought these because he's on a pizza-making kick)
We've destroyed multiple pizza pans in the last few years. It was time for this one to go.

This dress. I searched high and low for a week and decided to risk an Amazon buy. I got black because the green (which is what I wanted) would take weeks to be delivered. I am not one to defend Amazon clothes but this dress wasn't awful. It just felt too long to me. Like, I could've made it work and the quality was pretty decent so I would've worn it in a pinch. 

These no-spill straw cups are a winner.  I want her to start drinking milk out of them but she has no desire most of the time and uses them for water. Sometimes I'll even give her two on her highchair tray; one with water and one with some formula to see what she does. I wish I would've had these for Wells. 

It actually hurts to know that I played soccer for 13 flipping years and I never had shinguards this nice. 
He is 4. 

Anyway, they all cost about the same so might as well go with a name brand. These are actually a hard plastic. The small are *really* small. Wells has skinny little legs and the small fits this spring, but I would definitely order a medium for most kids his age. 
The socks ...I just order a two-pack of whatever was cheapest. I'm hoping to make it through the season with just the two pairs LOL.

I grabbed this bunny for Sutton for Valentine's Day but it'd be perfect for Easter. I feel like she's getting a whole collection of bunnies at this point. 

Then, we got two of these TV wall mounts. They were easy to install (not that I did it myself or anything, but there was little cursing and grumbling from Scott). If you need a TV mount, it's a good one. 

(We also had to order some new cords after this so it looks better now.)

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