February 14, 2023

Weekending + some photos

It works much better for me to share any weekend activities on a Tuesday. 

To start, Wells and Sutton got some pictures taken last week and this photographer had them back to me in less than 24 hours :) 

While I was not going to have *my* picture taken (Scott couldn't be there) and I had just hiked half a mile through the woods carrying a baby and all our stuff, an image or two of me comforting a hangry baby snuck in. 

(seriously, hiked half a mile through the woods, guys)

I had tossed around the idea of taking the dogs but I'm really glad I didn't because it was super muddy and flooded after all the rain this month. 

I am very proud of my ingenuity when it comes to Wells' school valentine box. I had this paper leftover from his birthday and I gave him a bunch of heart stickers. 

Sutton did her first hike on Sunday. She has probably been in the Ergo ten times in her life. She never hated it, but it wasn't fitting to our lifestyle the way it had been when Wells was a teeny baby so we didn't use it. This is Scott's first experience with the Ergo. 

Wells walked over 3 miles through the woods.

And Scott rearranged some TVs, finally mounting one in the living room and one in the kitchen area. 
We rented two different houses from 2019-2021 and there was no way he was sticking something permanent on a wall. Now that we know what we want these rooms to look like (more indoor renovations coming soon...), we could do this.

Suggestions for new floor lamps? Where do you get them? I think this one was from Walmart back in 2019?

Scott also took the time to show me how a flat screen tv could be flush against the wall or it could be pulled out. The irony of this demonstration was completely and totally wasted on him because he doesn't watch The Office. 

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