February 16, 2023

Fashion Files.

First up. This bag.

I love a cross-body that hits at the actual waist. Since I find being hands-free is a necessity to having small children when I'm out and about, it was either a cross-body bag or another backpack. I've been using my Aimee Kestenberg backpack every single day since July (which is some kind of record for me) because it's the perfect diaper bag. It even has side pockets for bottles, which I'm sure was not the intent because it's not actually a diaper bag. 

It's not for sale anymore but here: 

Now that we are moving OUT OF BOTTLE LIFE in a month or so, I'm considering my options. I usually, as I did with Wells, just keep a stocked diaper bag in the car and carry whatever other kind of bag I feel like with me. My favorite bag ever (maybe?) is my black Marc Jacobs nylon crossbody, It's the perfect size, shape, and color. 
But that's why I got this new bag in tan; because I already have a black cross-body.

Next, I bought shorts yesterday. ??? Right. So it's February but I saw them in-store and they are very similar to the Target ones I wore all of last summer and fall. 

They're super comfy and flattering too. Currently, in case you missed it, I am on a Target moratorium for the foreseeable future, so I'm attempting to broaden my day-to-day wear past Universal Thread.

Lastly, I ordered a few things from Carly Jean Los Angeles at the end of January. ...they didn't arrive. The tracking just completely disappeared and the package fell off the planet. I've ordered from them before without issues so it was definitely just a USPS problem. 

I contacted CJLA and they told me to give it a few more days...it had been like 10 and the package was promised in 5-7. When I contacted them back, they said replacement items were in the mail. They have the best customer service, for real. And when you contact them, you get, like, a real person who actually follows up. 

Anyway. This is what I got. Hopefully it works out after all that, right?

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