November 23, 2022

Mid-week things.

In case you missed it, I posted an 8 month update on Sutton on Monday. I dropped the ball on the blog last week because I was prepping to drive halfway across the country with two small children. And then I was driving halfway across the country with two small children. 

Anyway. Here's some links. 

This week's podcast on the Hoggle children. This is one of those situations where hanging is too good for the offender. (I said what I said.) I'd never even heard of this case. 

This top from Nordstrom. On my Christmas list. 

This pumpkin cake is what I made for tomorrow. 

I found this reel yesterday and I have to share: I do not love Thanksgiving food at all so I end up not getting all that excited about the holiday. I don't see the point of having this type of food for days on end. I often wonder what it would be like to be a Thanksgiving food person. Or, what would *my* food holiday consist of? It wouldn't be turkey and mushed up bread. 

Speaking of bread, I made these breadsticks two weeks ago and they were amazing. Very Pizza Hut-like. I even cut the butter in half and they were super rich. (If you can get through that blog post to the actual recipe, it's worth it.)

I'm considering this bag for a present for myself. I wanted a similar one from the anniversary sale but there was no way I was getting that with my non-cardholder peasant status. 

Finally, this reel about the conservative uncle at Thanksgiving should make you LOL. 

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  1. That cake looks delicious. I should have bought one more can of pumpkin and one more box of spice cake mix, but I didn't. I love the bread made out of these two ingredients and a bit of water. That icing will be next level on your cake. I think I could almost forgo the pumpkin pie for that!
    Tom and I both worked at Pizza Hut as teens. I think I could make that seasoning and short cut the breadsticks or lighten them up with the skinny pizza dough recipe.
    I love that bag. I think you should get it because you have been wanting it for so long, so it is definitely not an impulse buy. I hope the trip is going well!


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