November 14, 2022

Cultural awareness

The problem with living in the true middle of nowhere is the lack of experiences I've been feeling lately. It's why I keep Wells in preschool and me getting him there and back each day is a cross I choose to bear, you know? He needs it. While the first year with a baby is a bubble-type of experience, Wells had done quite a bit more than Sutton has by 8 months old. Lots of reasons for this: we didn't move across the country when she was 5 months old, for example. But mainly, it's because we don't live in a place that is ...conducive to experiences. And with Scott's schedule, driving 2 hours one way to go to a museum or a zoo or A MALL is just not in the cards. 

Anyway, we had to drive 90 minutes to see Santa over the weekend. 

We also wanted to stop for sushi and then thought it'd be fun to take Wells for hibachi instead.

All I could think of here is "it's not how he fell into the koi pond, it's how long it took him to get out of the koi pond". This was a concern of mine at the moment. 

And we stopped at Target because I had to return something and it was a disaster. A Saturday in November and all they were doing was pushing the consumerism of Christmas. I also went on a bit of a rambling rant on Instagram about the awful fashion I was seeing in public. That problem deserves its own post. A note though: everyone at Bass Pro was dressed like a normal person, and everyone at Target looked ridiculous. 

Other things: 

Sutton got her big girl carseat (see giant box)

Wells (I) disguised a turkey

Sutton is loving the trick of putting a pacifier in her mouth by herself. 

...and the dogs went hunting. 

Sorry. There's only one way to end this post. If you know, you know. 

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  1. Seeing the fashions that Target is selling, I am not surprised people look a mess in there.


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