October 8, 2022

Friday Things (on a Saturday)

1. I, like the rest of the millenial population, watched Hocus Pocus 2 on Friday night. Truthfully, if we were in the middle of a series/show, I wouldn't have, but we're in a rut and have nothing to watch right now. All of your Instagram posts reminded me that I needed to do my generational duty and tune in. I did not, however, hold a watch party. ...Unless you count me moving Jett out of the way so I could sit on the couch. 

I wasn't overly impressed. I was kind of horrified to see two teen girls practicing witchcraft, actually. And then they had to throw in some drag queens, obviously. It definitely lacked the charm and spooky quality of the first one. The original was scary (to 7 year old me) and historically creepy. This one tried too hard without having the effect of the first. A review I read calls the town "artificially twee" and that's exactly it. The setting of Hocus Pocus was part of the charm. This looked way too much like a movie set.


I really missed red leaves when we lived out west. Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska...all just yellow leaves in the fall. 


Wells' one pair of school shoes are getting tight so I ordered these. It's really great for him to have more than one available pair. It never fails that by Monday morning at least one pair of shoes are all dirty from the weekend. 
These See Kai Run versions from Target are the best. They come out with new styles/colors all the time. We're on his 3rd pair from Target, and his 5th pair of SKR total. 

4. I bought a bottle of moscato and it was way too sweet. I mixed it in a glass with Topo Chico and it made a refreshing sparkling drink. There's a life hack for you. 


It cracks me up that these Gen X-ers are wearing masks in their profile pictures and insisting on "we're in a pandemic", but they brag about how tough they used to be. 

Just kidding. I've never been invited to one. 
Also, our gender reveals were an ultrasound and then a phone call from the OB at 12 weeks telling me my bloodwork results and asking me if we wanted to know the gender. 

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