July 20, 2022

A few current things.

Making: This salad. I toast up chunks of bread with avocado oil, salt, and pepper. Then I mix it with chicken, tomatoes, whatever veggies I have on hand. Then I add it all to a bag salad mix. (I'm really just throwing this post together because I wanted to share this salad, which we have once or twice a week, but didn't think that warranted a whole post.)

Wanting: I really wanted this bag from the Nordstrom sale. Since I'm just a non-card holder plebeian, I obviously didn't get one. I wanted either black OR green. I wasn't being picky. So, I took to Nordstrom Rack and found something similar. I prefer nylon or leather-look to actual leather. ..and that is my NSale round-up story for 2022. 

Reading: This book can only be described as stupidly good. I don't know what it was that just made me tear through the whole thing in a day and a half. It's free on Kindle Unlimited. 

Listening: Ugh. Not good but I've been on a true crime binge. This is never great for the mental health, you know? It's just addictive once you get into it.

Grabbing: I got two pairs of shorts from Target a week and a half ago and they just arrived...These pull-on shorts run very big (this is XS and it's the only size they have left) but are very polished looking for when you don't want to get dressed.

And these pull-on shorts run TTS or a little small (I got medium) for when you also want to not wear pajamas but don't want to put actual clothes on. 

(You can see what my goals are with clothing these days.)


  1. I've been eating a lot of salad lately and also add ingredients to bagged kits.

  2. Salads have been the base of my diet lately. It's just too hot for anything else. I have a pair of shorts like that. I call them my "Tom Nook shorts" because the print looks like the Animal Crossing logo.


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