February 12, 2022

Friday Recommendations #6

1. These Pilates workouts. Honestly, they'd be great if you're *not* pregnant. I just like knowing I don't have to modify since Pilates is heavy on the ab work. These cut around all of that. The less thought a workout takes, the more likely I am to do it. 

2. Shameless season 11. When Fiona left Shameless, I started losing interest because Debbie bothers me. Actually, I lost interest because Jimmy-Steve was just my absolute favorite and I knew he wouldn't be back if  Fiona wasn't there. Then, I knew they were going to spin season 11 around covid and, really now, who wants to watch that? However...I like what they did with it. #1: it shows how the lower-middle class did not hunker down in their houses and work-from-home for a year+. #2: it shows how ridiculous cloth masks really are. #3: it shows how selectively people wear masks/pull them down/take them off/etc. It's actually a great resource if you want to reflect on how ridiculous it's all become, or had become looking back in hindsight. It's almost parody-ish. Plus, the storyline is good (if you ignore all the Debbie parts). 

3. Our vet here in Missouri. I have complained mightily about vets over the last several years. The worst was Colorado. Here, I left a message saying I needed heartworm medication refills on Monday. They left me a message two hours later saying it was ready. That was it. I picked it all up later in the week. 

4. THIS, THIS, THIS episode of Relatable from Friday. I actually stayed up late to finish it because it was too interesting to turn off. 

5. I ranted about the internet truly being a privilege a lot of people just don't have 24/7 access to (like high-speed, for Zoom). Also, consider this:

The idea that you may have to show a vaccination card to eat at a restaurant, wear a mask to your table, only to take it off and have someone in a mask serve you like a peasant should absolutely horrify you. Those who are okay with this will certainly come out on the wrong side of history. 


  1. Just sitting here, clapping at #5. You nailed it.

  2. Off to listen to that episode. And YES to #5. I watched a few episodes of Shameless but Chris wasn't a fan so I never got into it. I should pick it up on my own.


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