February 9, 2022

Complaints lately...

I saw this jacket on IG and on FB on my phone. I couldn't log into my StitchFix account on there because my info wasn't saved and I tried to find this jacket/sweatshirt hybrid on my computer. COULD NOT FIND IT. Like, I searched every which way I could think of on the website. 
Finally, I reached out via Twitter, asking if I could just please have the link...and then StitchFix sent me a DM saying they couldn't send me the link like I'd requested, but could take a look at my account. Um, no? I just want the link. So much for spending $68 on your product, StitchFix. I really would have done it too. It looks like the perfect spring jacket. 

I ranted about this over the weekend. Military spouses who refuse to leave the base are kind of the worst. Maybe it's because we were stationed in Alaska first and everything interesting was off the base. Maybe it's because I've never lived on base. I use the base for lots of things here: the dog park, walking trails, UPS, haircuts, etc. But I've also learned that a lot of spouses don't even want to be friends, really, if you live off-base because it's too inconvenient. 

Virtual school? I don't know, guys. It just seems so annoyingly...privileged? For me, personally, it was nice that 3 snow days in a row coincided with me being sick because I was in no condition to go to work last week. However, the internet in rural Missouri is known to be terrible to begin with. You put thousands of kids + teachers + military teleworkers at home, depending on Meet, Zoom, and Teams...not much gets accomplished. Last year, Zoom was kind of boring to teach, but it was simple and I didn't mind it. This year, it's not the norm so we spend more time trying to figure out why certain features aren't working. Last year, the remote classes were for kids whose parents wanted them to be in remote school, so they did everything in their power to make it work.
Consistency is good when it comes to classroom learning, but expecting students to attend online class for 3 hours a day on surprise snow days is peak privilege. We're assuming every has reliable internet, an adult to help them troubleshoot, food to eat, etc. I don't like it. (I hate that the purpose of public schools has essentially become to feed children, but it's true that our students get two meals and two snacks at elementary school each day...Wells does too, even though we pay tuition there. Parents have been completely absolved of responsibility and I don't like that either.)

What are you complaining about this week? 


  1. I just had a weird stitch fix situation too! I got my first box a few weeks ago. I exchanged a shirt for a different size. The app said it would ship in a day or two, but I never got a tracking number. After a week, I contacted them about it. They said it was lost in transit, they didn’t have any more stock, and refunded me. The next day, they emailed again and said they found it somewhere in the warehouse and it never actually shipped, but they would ship it the next day and charge me again. Another week went by. No tracking number, no charge, but it showed up. So weird. They’re clearly having some issues right now.

    100% agree with your virtual school comments. Just let kids have snow days.

  2. Surprisingly onkt 2 districts in the stl area did virtual, the rest said after the first few snow days they'd turn to it. I surely thought they'd all do it.

    And I work for the hospital system so I risked my life all 3 days for 1 kid...it was fun (insert eye roll)

  3. That totally bites about that jacket. You could totally do a Julie Roberts move - BIG MISTAKE - HUGE

  4. I don't understand why they couldn't just send you a link?? That is beyond ridiculous. I agree that a random virtual day is privilege for sure. I heard someone make a comment like "It's 2022, how do people live without internet at home." And while I can't live without it, Chris and I both work from home almost all of the time, I know people who don't have it.


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