December 7, 2021

Weekend things.

 The theme of the weekend was warmth: 

I took a walk by myself after work on Friday and it was still 72 degrees. 

Saturday, we went for a hike. There was a lot of ...coercion. 

We went to a random Mexican place quite far away.

And finally built his igloo. 

Again, decent weather, so I re-prioritized all the tasks and we went out again. 

He carried a backpack full of "tools" the whole time (fingerpaint. he had stuffed a bunch of jars of fingerpaint in it.)

And we found some dinosaur fossils to take home (deer jaws). 

Other than all that, I had to go to Walmart to find up all kinds of random things for the week, and I also got my flu shot while we were there. No side effects, which is nice, and they used much smaller needles at Walmart than they do on base. Plus, I could go on a Sunday and there was no waiting. I waited for over an hour with Wells on base for his flu shot two weeks ago. 

I have a very long list of tasks that need to be accomplished in the next two weeks. Honestly, I'm ready for January so I can cut my expectations for myself in half. 

Did you get a flu shot? I was really on the fence about it this year. 

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  1. Those sound like the best kind of "tools"! I'm always anti-flu shot.


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