December 6, 2021

Amazon lately...

So I got this chair. You see, I went into this school year not wanting to invest hundreds of dollars into my classroom because I did that in Alaska, and I did that again in Colorado, and I ended up giving so much of it away because we kept moving and I also quit in 2018 and didn't know when I'd be going back. 

So, if you don't know, teachers protect their chairs like they protect their firstborn. They will literally put tape with their name on it all over their chair prior to summer vacation so it doesn't get shuffled around with all the cleaning going on. I was given a choice of like 18 different chairs at the beginning of the school year that were leftover in the library...and each was worse than the last. 

Unfortunately, I sit to teach a lot because I use the document camera to do most of my explaining/modeling. It's just the way that works for me. If I *had* a standing desk, I'd use it. But I don't. In Colorado, I sat on a stool but now my doc cam is next to my desk so it just makes sense to use my own chair. 

My chair sucked. 

Finally, I just spent the $70 on my own. I felt dumb because I know I'll only be teaching for a few more months but Scott was like "just bring it home when you're done and it'll be ours then for the house". Which makes sense but I never felt the need for an office chair at home. ANYWAY....New chair. (it is 1 million percent coming home with me on my maternity leave because I've learned you can trust no one when it comes to teacher chairs)

Frames. You never know what you're getting if you order cheaper frames online. I got these to give for Christmas presents and I was super satisfied with the quality. 

Planner. I got this planner for the new year. I've discovered I need a tracker, not just a planner, but I want the framework set up for me. It's undated, but that's not really a big deal because you can then start any time! Haven't used it yet but I'm definitely satisfied with the quality. 

Phone case. Sorry. When I'm feeling anxious or unsettled or frazzled, I buy a new phone case. I can't explain it. was kind of a slow Amazon month for me. Most of our orders, looking through, are hunting gear related. 

I did set up a baby registry to kind of keep track of what I wanted for baby #2 and my mom and dad sent us the bassinet (we'd sold our old one and I never liked it much anyway) and the Snuggle Me (didn't have a dock-a-tot style lounger last time and I always swore I'd get one if we had another baby). The amount of research I did on bassinets is time I'll never get back so please don't tell me you found a better one :) Most, I found, had an issue with tilting. 

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  1. I had no idea teacher chairs had all this drama surrounding them! LOL~

  2. I love a good planner. I've got mine for 2022 and I'm excited to use them, even if there isn't much going on. It's a middle school habit (having one) that is never going to die.

  3. That's great you found a good planner. I need to start setting mine up for the new year!!

    Lauren @

  4. I have quite a collection of phone cases; buying a new one makes me feel so refreshed. ha, ha! Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. That is too funny about the chairs at school. It was like that in my old office too.


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