October 25, 2021

Weekend photos +

 You have to believe me when I say I meant to write a post on Wednesday...or Thursday...or Friday. 

The week was...rough. And then it culminated with a sick Wells on Thursday night which made Friday a bit of a nightmare. 

pre-sickness at the pumpkin patch on Thursday

On Saturday, I don't even know. I was still busy doing all of the laundry from Thursday night. Plus, I decided to swap out our summer bedding for winter bedding and we have guests coming this week, so I needed to get guest bedding put together (it is still not completely put together). Literally, it took me all weekend to do the laundry and now there's a full basket of dirty clothes from the weekend. 

i know, scout

On Saturday night, we finally watched Dave Chappelle's The Closer on Netflix. ...is that what people are mad about? It's comedy. It's also intelligent comedy (maybe that's why people are mad...they don't care enough to try to understand it.) I've liked him since 2004ish (back when Comedy Central was cool) and I remember when he went off the grid. That gives him more credibility than most out there. Whatever. He's genuinely funny. This wasn't nearly as good as Sticks and Stones (SO GOOD) but still worth a watch. 

We made it out to a playground on Sunday because it had rained all day on Saturday. 

I finally caved and bought him some play-doh. 

He'd been playing with these two sad little knock-off Halloween dollar-spot containers for weeks. I needed them for school and he snagged them instead. This kept him busy for hours. 

Then...just because...we spent a significant amount of time in the crawlspace last night because of tornado warnings. It was "incredible!" and "amazing!" according to Wells. At least everyone went willingly this time. Jett and Scout would not back in Wyoming. And I was 35 weeks pregnant the last time I had to get into a crawlspace like this. I will never understand: we had a beautifully large and safe basement in both Pittsburgh and Kansas. Never had to use them once. Wyoming and Missouri? Crawlspaces. 


  1. OH my word, you have to get in your CRAWL SPACES?! This is horrifying to me.

  2. The thought of being in a crawl space makes me want to die. The tornadoes were INSANE on Sunday. They were predicting them for us, but it all went south and I was so grateful. I’d rather deal with the water in the basement.

  3. No basement? I spent the night in the basement but by the time it got to STL it was just bad lightning and thunder. Glad you guys didn't get any of the junk.


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