October 29, 2021

3 Favorites, 1 Unfavorite, and Memes

1. This sweatshirt. I want it. I cleaned out my bookmarks as a stress relief tactic over the last week and this was in there. Has anyone tried it? I've never tried Zella leggings, but this looks comfortable and polished at the same time. 

2. This hair tie. Somewhat shamefully, I bought it off of an affiliate link in a gift guide. But this is a struggle I've been having for awhile and I didn't think, I just bought. Basically, it's microfiber and helps to dry your hair while it keeps it on top of your head. Regular hair ties pull and give me a headache on wet hair because my hair is so heavy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

3. This week is over. It was a behemoth. Today, we still have one thing to go to check out (I'm looking at back-up daycares) and then we have Trunk-or-Treat (as far as Wells is concerned, TODAY is Halloween and this is our thing we're doing for it). But I had two nights of P/T Conferences. I had a doctor's appointment. I have continued to knock out Christmas shopping here and there. Wells had his little preschool conference. My dad and brother came into town. The house is incredibly dirty. Also, it's raining. I also have 3-4 weeks of grading to catch up on this weekend. (At least no one has thrown up today...yet.)

But, I think my conferences went very well and a student even brought me a donut yesterday. I do have a very caring and sweet group and, sure, they kind of come that way, but I feel like I'm doing something right with them and I just don't know what it is. Hopefully it continues. 

4. This planner was a gigantic flop for me. I don't make great use of it. I guess I'm glad I tried it because now I know. The issue is that everything we do is online and on Google. So if I write down all my plans ahead of time, it's doing double the work. Nothankyou. It's easier just to open up blank plan templates that I'm required to use and plop in details when I'm thinking of it. I do use the grading checklists at the back but there's not enough of them so I will 100% run out of space in a few months, long before school is over. 

I still like EC planners for many reasons but the teacher planner is not for me. 

5. Memes.

I don't even have close to ADHD but I do have a fear of forgetting to do things. So I use this notepad instead of a planner and it's so much better. It just stays on the kitchen table. 

I feel like I've shared this before. If I have, it's worth posting again. For real: how many of you have gone to one? Is is just something I see on my IG feed?

At this year's new teacher training, a facilitator did a metaphorical demonstration with a can of Coke. She asked if anyone wanted it, "did anyone actually drink anything other than Coke Zero these days ha ha ha". Gag. The thought that people put so many artificial ingredients in their body knowingly (this is coming from someone who eats frozen pizza or dino nuggets once a week, too, guys) is horrifying. People who drink diet soda have lost the thread. This is something I've been thinking about since August. 

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  1. That sweatshirt looks cute and so cozy. Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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