July 15, 2021

Stuff and Things 7/15

 + Remember when I said we were getting new internet this week?

No. We're not. That company let me down again -- it's a long story. 

We have the same not great internet that was made slightly better by a service call on Monday. We'll see. 

(I am so tired.)

I could write hundreds of words describing this debacle but that seems kind of irrelevant. It won't change anything. Truthfully, I've done my complaining and now I wouldn't really recommend any internet company to anyone, ever. 

+ Lake of the Ozarks

+ We've been working hard at introducing Wells to the pool. This isn't our pool. We're just attempting to clean it for a friend (any tips? we're doing not great at it-- it's green but it's not gross to swim in). 

+ Bass Pro

+We pulled 3 huge zucchini from the garden last night. Any recipe suggestions? We haven't had zucchini in years, so my ideas are minimal.

+We started America Gospel: Christ Crucified last night. I watched Christ Alone a month or so ago, but this one is more in the vein of what needs.to.be.seen. by the general Christian population. Have you seen it? 

+Lastly, if you haven't noticed, it's that time of year.....

I've said it before: I get a sick pleasure out of reading all the Nordstrom posts. You? I can link you to my favorites when it comes to over-indulgent excess if you want :) I, for the every-year-in-a-row, will buy absolutely nothing from the sale. 


    I hate internet companies ... they are ALL the worst things on this earth!

  2. I clicked on a few people's buys and was like uh ok. Then that X in the right corner was my friend.

  3. Zucchini fries, zoodles, or just sautéed or roasted. We love it!
    I would love to see most outlandish N Sale posts!


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