May 21, 2021

I have no idea "what's happening here"

1. I don't think I've watched TV in 3 weeks. I don't know if I like this or not. Our routine is so up-ended that I just don't have time at night to sit and relax like that right now. 

2. This guy's hatred of FGL and Luke Bryan gives my Twitter feed life:

3. Same with this guy's hatred of Friends. It literally brightens my day when I chuckle at the memes. 

Will you be watching the Friends reunion? 
I could not have less of an interest in anything else. 
I, too, loved Friends. I was a teenager and thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then I turned, like, 19. 

4. My reading life has spiraled downward in a big way. I DNF a romantic comedy book (it wasn't relatable in any way...idk...I love the author) and then I started a mystery-ish book and it was fine and then it hit one of my trigger points early on. I may keep going.)

Maybe the best I've ever read. I did the audio. So good. I'll share more in a book review later but if you're looking for something to read or something to listen to, go for it. 

5.  Wells' favorite thing to say when he sees things out of place or not how he's used to seeing them is "Hmmm what's happening here?".

I have no idea what's happening here ^


  1. I thought we were friends....but then you crapped on Friends AND Florida Georgia Line in the same post?? I am going to need a few days for the pain to subside lol. I mean, I do like old school country too. But you have to admit that FGL is catchy. Zoe LOVES their songs lol.

    1. I do like FGL’s older music (5-10 years ago). The new stuff not so much.
      I will die on the Friends isn’t that funny hill lol.

  2. I feel that the hatred of Florida Georgia Line is earned, because they've turned a Nelly-Tim McGraw Song and made it a regular thing. I always hate these Copy Brooks and Dunn Bands, especially when Dan and Shay came to Cedar Rapids and I said up and down they where the two impostors impersonating Brooks and Dunn, and worse, actual Brooks and Dunn have no interest making new music.

    Unrelated to my Brooks and Dunn Rant, most people have no idea how to put in a careers work and fanboying Friends only hurts Cheers and Frasier's ability, among others, to get a decent rerun schedule. I swear there is more US The Office Stuff then there is "The Price is Right" and NBC Universal Legal can't keep track of everything.

  3. I love funny twitter accounts that are all about the shade. Just the name of NOT KENNY ROGERS makes me laugh :) LOL

  4. My twitter feed has turned into a venting post about my in-laws. Its the only place I can really do it at, haha.

  5. Newish reader here! I actually just picked up Tactics from the library! I’m excited to read it now. Oh my goodness, Luke Bryan! Ugh. Don’t even get me started.


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